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Moultrie Panoramic 150 Review

     -Last update 4/8/2014

Quick Facts
Trigger Speed:
Recovery Time:
Detection Range:
Flash Range:
0.953 s
6.2 s
60 ft.
70 ft.
6 C
6.5" x 4.5" x 4.5"

Trailcampro Star Rating

4.1 Stars

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  • 122° field of view
  • Top notch day and night pictures
  • Sub-1 second trigger speed
  • Flash range is superb
  • Detects out to 60'
  • Triple your detection zone from a standard trail camera
  • Uses C cell batteries
  • Picture overlap on panoramic mode
Trailcampro Analysis

    Even at first glance the Moultrie Panoramic 150 is striking to say the least.  We have tested hundreds and hundreds of cameras and have never run into anything quite like this.  This is the first model in the trail camera industry that features a panoramic photo.  After the results we are getting, this certainly won't be the last.

    The camera is advertised as having a 150° field of view, however, after our initial testing the actual field of view is 122.6°.  This is 3X greater than the standard trail camera and the sample size you can collect on every picture is simply phenomenal.  In July of 2013, Moultrie released a firmware update that increased the field of view to 125.9°.

     When set to panoramic mode, every time the camera is triggered, it will take 3 photos (from one side to the other) that are then streamed together to form the panoramic photo you see.  There are settings that enable you to quicken the time that the three photos are take.  You can even set the camera to just take one picture in the area the motion was detected.

Detection Circuit       3.8 Stars
     Armed with a 0.9 second trigger time, the Panoramic 150 is quick enough to handle anything in its path.  The 6 second recovery time is quicker than expected considering the camera is essentially storing three pictures for every event.

     Most impressively is the detection zone.  We gave the detection zone a perfect 5 star rating based on its incredible width and significant range (60 ft.). 

     This detection zone is more than capable of any and every camera trap station you can think up.  In fact, you can set the camera to 1 shot mode.  In this mode, the Panoramic 150 will swivel and take only one photo in whichever zone the camera detects motion in.  This increases battery life by three-fold and is like having three cameras on one tree.  Here are a few examples of 1 shot mode:

Picture Quality       5 Stars
     There is an old saying in business, "Under Promise and Over Delivery."  That motto keeps popping in our head when we look at the pictures the Panoramic 150 keeps taking.  Upon looking at the camera, its small IR LED display in particular, we really underestimated the flash power this camera would be capable of.

     Day pictures have tremendous color, clarity and look fantastic.  The pictures overlap a bit, which some may find annoying, but overall you can't ask for anything better. 

     In July of 2013 Moultrie released a firmware update to correct the "photo overlap."  The overlap is now nearly gone, and the picture is correctly aligned.

     Having a night flash range of 70 feet is flat out ridiculous.  Not only that, but the flash range is the same on all three sides of the panoramic photo. 

     The pictures are very clear other than the expected blur from heavy movement.  You will notice some white out photos of close objects but that is to be expected when the camera is pumping out this much flash power.

Battery Life       2.8 Stars
     Deciphering the battery metrics is a bit more complicated than most cameras.  For the sake of this battery rating, we used the single shot, side picture (the middle one of the three raw data charts). 

     In general, the resting current draw is 0.25 milliamps.  This is a very respectable average and will let the camera last a very long time if it is inactive.  The day and night power consumptions vary by how many times the lens/leds has to rotate.  On the Panoramic mode, the consumption will be much higher than the single shot mode.

     Overall, this data is about what you would expect from the Panoramic.  All things being equal, we are pleased with the battery life the Panoramic 150 operates on.

Single Shot Mode, Straight Ahead - 1 Picture
Resting Current Draw Daytime Power Consumption Nighttime Power Consumption
0.25 ma
770 ma
1137 ma

Single Shot Mode, Side Shot - 1 Picture
Resting Current Draw Daytime Power Consumption Nighttime Power Consumption
0.25 ma
1073 ma
1438 ma

Panoramic Mode - 3 Pictures

Resting Current Draw
Daytime Power Consumption Nighttime Power Consumption
0.25 ma
1559 ma
2376 ma

ma = milliamps

     What we don't like, is that the camera operates off of 6 C cell batteries.  We have never been a fan of C cells as we prefer AA batteries.  What we have found to be a quick and easy fix is to get C to AA spacers and then run Energizer AA Lithium batteries in the camera instead.  We have the spacers if you want to use the AA batteries.

Ease of Use       4.7 Stars

     There are a multitude of options when it comes to camera setup.  You are able to determine how fast the camera takes the three photos, or just to take 2 photos or even one.  The settings can be as simple or as complicated as you want.

     There is even a built in bracket to slide a 6' Python Cable through the camera and lock to a tree (we recommend this).  On the other hand, the camera (especially after batteries are installed) is probably too heavy for the Slate River Swivel Mount

     The biggest knock on the case design is the C cell batteries.  We understand they did this for the higher capacity of C cells but we would rather just use Lithium Batteries in them for maximum battery life.

     The Panoramic 150 has two major moving parts, the lens and the IR array, so common sense would tell us that the durability could be hindered by that.

     The Panoramic camera have been plagued by several durability issues and photo overlap.  This is a unique camera, that we initially loved, but have since grown weary of the durability issues that this camera experienced.


     All Moultrie cameras come with the manufacturer one year warranty.  However, any camera purchased online, directly from us, comes with our free 2 Year Extended Warranty.  For the life of your camera, you will never have to deal directly with a manufacturer again.  Everything can be handled through us, with no delays.  Our extended warranty is exclusive to our customers only.  We even give you a sd card and ship to the lower 48 for free.  We are doing everything in our power to prove to you that you'd be crazy to purchase from anyone else.
Panoramic 150 Pictures