Moultrie M-990i Gen2

Click here for the 2015 Moultrie M-990i Review.
Click here for the 2015 Moultrie M-990i Review.Moultrie M-990i no glow trail camera2015 M-990i Gen2 game camera for saleMoultrie M-990i Gen2 color viewer no glow trail camera2015 Moultrie M-990i Gen2 black flash scouting cameraCheck out the new Moultrie M-990i Gen2 trail camera for sale
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Moultrie M990i Gen2 Manufacturer Specifications

     - Model #

Photo Resolution
Video Resolution
Time Lapse Settings
10 mpxl (Enhanced, High, Med. & Low)
1-3 photos per trigger
1280 x 720
5/10/30/60/90 s.
10/30 s. - 1/5/10/30 min.
Custom Time Period (up to 24 hrs.)

Photo Stamp
Picture + Video Mode Temperature Range
Time, date, temp., moon phase, barometric pressure and camera name No -4 to 140° F.

Field of View
Start/Stop Time
Password Protection
40.9° No

SD Card Overwrite
PIR Settings
Flash Settings
Yes (High/Low) Yes (Motion freeze on/off)
No glow infrared flash

External Battery Jack
Batteries Required
Owner's Manual
12 Volt
8 AA
MCG-12694 Owner's Manual

2015 Moultrie M-990i Gen2 Review

     - Last update 11/10/15

Quick Facts
 Picture Trigger Time:
 Video Trigger Time:
 Picture Recovery Time:
 Video Recovery Time:
 Detection Range:
 Flash Range:
 Battery Type:
0.69 s.
1.4 s.
4.6 s.
8.2 s.
50 ft.
40-50 ft.
8 AA
5.75" x 4.75" x 3.25"

  • Good battery life
  • Built-in internal viewer
  • Vivid color day pictures
  • Very poor design on Python lock bracket
  • Slow recovery time

Trailcampro Star Rating
3.6 Stars

Trailcampro Analysis

    The Gen2 M-990i is a brand new camera for 2015.  Moultrie advertises this camera as having improved battery life, case design, weather resistance, improved picture quality and better long-term durability.  In 2014, one of our biggest complaints on the Moultrie line of cameras were the out of focus pictures.  Let's see how the 2015 M-990i Gen2 model has improved on that.

Detection Circuit
       3.1 Stars
     The picture trigger time is 0.69, which is well above average..  The picture recovery is 4.6 seconds is fairly typical of many modern trail cameras.

     This is the first year we are incorporating video trigger and recovery times into our rankings.  This will make the rankings even more accurate and stringent.  The trigger time for videos is 1.4 seconds (which is rather good) and the recovery is 8.2 seconds.

     Detection range is right at 50 ft, just as the manufacturer claims.  By today's standards, this is below average.  Overall, this detection circuit would benefit greatly from improvements, however, it is fast enough for the majority of trail camera users.

Picture Quality       3.8 Stars
     2014 Moultrie models were severely out of focus.  It seems that has mostly been corrected with the 2015 models.  The clarity isn't perfect, but it is a huge improvement.  Along with the improvement in clarity, the M990i Gen2 has excellent color.  We can't think of another camera that has brighter daytime color. 

     The night pictures have decent flash range but can be a bit grainy and blurry at times.  Overall, for a no glow camera we consider the night pictures to be well above average.

    We are starting to include video quality in our rankings for this year.  We will judge the day and night videos separately, just as we do with pictures. 

    The daytime videos have excellent color and decent clarity.  The M-990i Gen2 is the only current Moultrie that records audio with the video.  The night videos are decent but won't have the flash range that the red glow M880 Gen2 has.  Night videos will only take a 30 second video.  You can check out all the videos below.  When one video ends, the next will begin and they are all from the M-990i Gen2 Playlist we created.

Battery Life       4.0 Stars
     Battery life looks to be a strength this year with an exceptionally low resting power.  The day consumption is also low and while the night consumption is a bit high, it is still very reasonable.

Resting Power (on)
Daytime Power Consumption
Nighttime Power Consumption
0.96 mW
2.32 Ws
7.69 Ws

mW = Milliwatts
Ws = Watt Seconds

     While this camera can operate on alkaline AA batteries, we greatly prefer Energizer Ultimate Lithiums in our cameras.  They are much more consistent and will last an incredible amount of time.  Even with the high nighttime power consumption, if this camera were to take 35 day pictures and 35 night pictures every 24 hours, this camera could last 8.3 months in the field (with lithiums).

This camera will not work with rechargeable batteries.
Ease of Use       3.7 Stars
     The case design has changed quite a bit from previous Moultrie cameras.  This camera is a bit larger but feels very sturdy to the touch.  The latch is huge, which has made opening and closing with cold fingers quite easy.

     The python lock bracket is an extremely poor design.  The loops are angled which makes the camera sit funny on a tree if you are only using the python lock and not the security case.  It would also be pretty easy to torque the camera in a way to easily snap the brackets.  We don't like this design at all, the only way to truly correct this is to use the camera with a security case.

     The programming definitely takes some getting used to but after playing with it for several minutes we got the hang of it.  The 2" viewing screen definitely helps with that, but don't be surprised if you have a few head scratching moments when you first try to learn it.  The good news, is there are quite a few programming options such as overwrite, password protection, PIR sensitivity and Flash settings.  There is even an AC option which we haven't seen before but after testing it didn't work as advertised.  When we did get it to work, the camera was actually slower while using AC power.  We wouldn't recommend using this.

     Durability won't be truly known until the camera has been out longer.  We did have a test camera that had a heavy red hue on all the pictures and videos, but we consider this to be an anomaly.

     Overall, the Moultrie M-990i Gen2 has exceptionally vivid color on the daytime pictures and videos, great battery life and a nice 2" internal viewer built into the camera.  The negatives are the slow-to-average detection circuit and a couple minor case design and programming flaws.

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