HD King Solar (Non-Cellular/WiFi) Review

Trailcampro Comprehensive Score:


HD King Solar Trail Camera Review

The HD King Solar captures great images day & night. Positioned with adequate sunlight, this camera should last indefinitely without replacing batteries. Additionally, it's the only WiFi enabled trail camera available from  Trailcampro- TCP Staff

Model #DL30J2CW

Trailcampro Comprehensive Score:


Picture Quality:                                                                                                            86/100

  24 Mpxl Photos (interpolated)  |   1920 x 1080p Video Resolution

Battery Life:                                     9.2 Months (pics) |  1.7 Months (videos) (Not using solar panel)

 Using 35 pics day + night  

Trigger Speed & Detection:                                                                                                                97/100

 Trigger & Recovery: 0.27 s.  -  0.4 s.  (Pictures)  |  0.71 s.  - 0.3 s. (Videos)  

Quality of Design:                                                                                                    85/100

  4 AA Batteries  |  No External Battery Jack  |  2" Internal Viewer

Trail Camera Review


  • Additional solar panel and internal 5200 mAh battery pack hardwired into the camera
  • Great day photo/video quality
  • Photo + Video
  • Time Lapse


  • Only accepts SD cards up to 32 gig
  • Latch is very tight
  • Menu button, you have to press twice
  • Python lock does not fit through the back
  • Will not connect to home Wi-Fi network


Be Wary Of Megapixel Ratings

Megapixel ratings for trail cameras seem to increase more & more every year. In reality, the native resolution of 99% of all trail cameras is 5 megapixels or less.  Manufacturers artificially inflate megapixel ratings for advertising purposes through a process called interpolation. Interpolated photos are enhanced by software to mimic the file size of a higher megapixel photo, but seldom offer additional clarity or resolution.  The result is an exponentially larger file size photo which takes longer to load and slows down the speed of your camera.  We always program our cameras to capture photos at the image sensor's native resolution. This allows our cameras to operate as efficiently as possible and store more photos to memory.  With shorter load times,  this also allows us to review photos at a much quicker pace.  To put things in perspective, the trail camera widely considered to be the "Gold Standard" and used by more professional researchers than any other unit is just 3 megapixels.


Picture Quality:  86/100

Photo resolution:   24 mpxl (interpolated)

Video resolution:   1920 x 1080

Flash Type:  Red glow IR



Battery Life:    100/100


Picture & Video Resting Power (on):  1.11 mW

Picture Daytime/Nighttime Power Consumption:  1.5 Ws  |  2.4 Ws

Video Daytime/Nighttime Power Consumption:  17.0 Ws  |  60.1 Ws

The HD King is one of only a handful of trail cameras for sale that has an integrated solar panel. The solar panel charges an internal 5200 mah lithium battery and uses 4 AA batteries as a backup to the internal battery. It is impossible for us to accurately calculate the extra battery life from the solar charger due to unpredictable weather conditions. All battery life examples are based solely on the 4 AA batteries. However, adequate sunshine should allow this camera to run indefinitely.

If the this camera were to take 35-day and 35-night pictures every 24 hours, it would last 9.2 months in the field on (4) Energizer Ultimate Lithium batteries. 

If the this camera were to take 15-day and 15-night videos every 24 hours, it would last 1.7 months in the field on (4) Energizer Ultimate Lithium batteries. 



Detection Circuit:    97/100


Picture Trigger & Recovery Speed:  0.27 s.  |  0.4 s.

Video Trigger & Recovery Speed:   0.71 s.  |  0.3 s.

Detection Range & Angle: 50 ft @ 65.5° detection angle (80° field of view)




Quality of Design:     85/100


Dimensions:  6" x 4" x 3"

Battery Type:   4 AA + internal rechargeable with attached solar panel

External Battery Jack:  None


Case Design

The outer case has the appearance and feel of a solid, quality camera. It has a beefy back bracket for the included nylon strap but is not compatible with the standard 5/16th python cable lock. However, a 1/4" Python lock is available which works without modification. There are two tripod inserts, one on the back and one on the bottom. However, the latches are small and somewhat difficult to open and close. 

The HD King is one of only a handful of trail cameras that has an integrated solar panel. The solar panel charges an internal 5200 mah lithium battery. The camera also uses (4)  AA batteries as a backup to the internal battery

Batteries are loaded fast & easy and retained securely in the case. The SD card snaps in and out with relative ease. Overall, this is a solid case design with some clear advantages.


Camera Setup

Camera setup is started by sliding the power switch into setup mode and hitting the menu button twice. The 2" internal screen helps in setting the camera up. However, the words are a bit small and old eyes might struggle seeing a few of the settings. Overall, setup is easy and can be done rather quickly. 

This camera has the ability to turn on the side sensors to increase or decrease the width of the detection zone. It also has password protection (optional), PIR sensitivity, and time lapse options. 


The HD King is the only camera we carry with any type of Wi-Fi capability.  While this camera won't capture and automatically transmit images like a cellular trail camera, it does have one unique advantage.  A  user can connect wirelessly to view and download photos without physically opening the camera as long as they are within 30 feet range. This allows  someone to mount the camera high above and record activity without fear of theft. Will not connect to home Wi-Fi network. Creates a Wi-Fi network you can connect to via app.


 The vast majority of consumer-grade trail cameras are inexpensive, imported devices exposed to harsh conditions 24/7/365.  Most manufacturers only offer a one-year warranty.  We stock only the most durable units and provide an additional year of warranty at no extra charge. The Trailcampro exclusive 2-year warranty allows you to deal directly with Trailcampro avoiding long wait times on hold with the manufacturer and prolonged periods without a replacement camera.  We turn around most warranties in just one business day!

 All test results are achieved through the use of proprietary equipment used exclusively by Trailcampro.  Any re-publication of this data without prior written consent is strictly prohibited by law. COPYRIGHT TRAILCAMPRO, L.L.C. 2023, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. 

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