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Trail Camera Firmware Updates

Current Trail Camera Firmware Updates

Firmware updates are an integral part of keeping your game cameras updated. Manufacturers release these firmware updates so consumers can easily upgrade their cameras from their own homes.

We will try to keep this page up to date with the latest trail camera firmware updates from all the top trail camera manufacturers, including Browning and Bushnell.

2016 Trail Cameras


Spypoint Force 11D Firmware: This update fixes a select number of cameras that had flashing videos at dusk and dawn.

     - You will need to download all three files (above).  Place the files on an empty SD card.  Turn the camera "On" while continuing to hold the on button.  You will see a firmware update notice on the display screen.


Stealth Cam

2015 Trail Cameras

Browning Firmware Updates

For the Browning trail camera firmware update, download the file listed below. You may have to download a program called 7zip to open the file.  Once you have the rar folder opened in the 7zip software extract the .brn file to your desktop.  Copy the file and paste it to your SD card.  Once the file is on the SD card, place it into your camera.  Turn the camera to the on position, press the mode button,  then press the up arrow once to Software Upgrade, press the enter button and change the option from no to yes, finally press the enter button when on yes.  The camera will start the update and then power off when done.  It may be a good idea to delete the update file on the SD card before using it in your trail camera. 

 Bushnell Firmware Updates

Check out these guides for Bushnell trail camera firmware updates.

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2014 Cameras

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2013 Cameras