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Bushnell  HD Wireless
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     Looking for a cellular trail camera but aren't sure what to look for?  Here is some useful information that should help.

Which Cellular Networks Support Trail Cameras?
     Currently the majority of the cell cameras are GSM (AT&T and TMobile in the States).  The only Verizon camera is the new Reconyx SC950c Verizon Model.

2G vs. 3G Cellular Cameras
     2G is the most common cell camera currently on the market.  We have had great success with them over the last several years.  Unfortunately, AT&T is shutting down all their 2G towers with the goal of no longer operating on 2G by December of 2016.  When that happens, the 2G cell cameras will no longer transmit photos.  They will still work as a traditional trail camera.

     Many of the manufacturers are working on 3G cameras for 2014 and beyond.  We will only carry and sell 3G cameras from now on.

     Please read our Cellular Trail Camera Disclosure before purchasing any 2G cell camera.

cellular sim card for trail cameraHow Does a Cellular Game Camera Work?
     The simplest explanation is by inserting a text-only sim card from a GSM provider, your trail camera because a cell phone and will text or email you the pictures that it takes.

     Most cameras send the photo roughly 60 seconds after a picture is taken.  It can be sent to email address' or your cell phone. 

     One of the most common questions we answer is will a trail camera that is on an AT&T sim card send a picture to a Verizon cell phone?  Absolutely.  It will send the picture to any phone, regardless of the carrier.

     The camera will also need the correct programming to know where to send the images.  We offer to do this for you before we ship you the cameras.  This process can be complicated and tedious for someone who has never done it before, which is why we offer to do it for you for free (simply fill out the form on each of the product pages for the different cameras and we will customize each camera for your needs).

What is the process for getting the correct sim card?
     Go into your local AT&T or TMobile store and tell them the following:

     "I need to get a text only sim card.  I already have the cell phone, all I need is the sim card.  I do not want minutes or data on the plan.  Only unlimited text messaging."

     Once they have given you the sim card ask them to test it in one of their demo phones by attaching a picture to a text message and sending it.  This ensures the sim card connects to the network.  For this process, you do not need to take your trail camera into the store with you.  If they think the sim card will be used to send photos, they will attach data to the plan and it won't work.  Remember, no data and no minutes.  Text only.

     If you are already an AT&T customer with a family plan, you will simply be adding a line and the cost is $9.99 plus tax per month.  If you are not an existing AT&T member, it is $19.99 per month before taxes.