Reconyx Hyperfire HC600

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Reconyx HC600 Manufacturer Specifications

     - Model # HC600

Photo Resolution
Video Resolution
Time Lapse Settings
3.1 Mpxl (1080p) No video 1, 5, 15, 30 or 60 minute settings

Photo Stamp
Hybrid Mode Temperature Range
Time, date, temperature and moon phase Yes -20° to 120° F.

Field of View
Start/Stop Time
Password Protection
42° No Yes

SD Card Overwrite
PIR Settings
Flash Settings
No Low, Med or High High quality, fast shutter, max range
No Glow Infrared

External Battery Jack
Batteries Required
Owner's Manual
None 12 AA HC600 Owner's Manual

2015 Reconyx HC600 Review

     - Last update 10/26/15

Quick Facts
Picture Trigger Speed:
Video Trigger Speed:
Picture Recovery Time:

Video Recovery Time:
Detection Range:

Flash Range:
0.21 s
No video
No video
80 ft.
50 ft.
12 AA
5.5" x 4.5" x 3"

  • Near-instant recovery time
  • Long battery life
  • Easy setup
  • Durability is best in class
  • No video capability
  • Lack of flash range on night photos

Trailcampro Star Ranking

4.4 Stars

Trailcampro Analysis

     We have been reviewing and using Reconyx game cameras for many years now.  Their attention to detail, incredible speed, picture quality and durability have rightfully placed Reconyx at the top of the trail camera mountain.

     When you buy a Reconyx, you are getting an American made manufacturing marvel.  Just hold the camera and you can instantly tell this was made by folks who take great pride in their work.

     We have an old Reconyx RM45 that has been on a farm in northern Missouri for ten years now.  It works as well today as it did when we first set it out.  Don't let the sticker shock of a Reconyx camera scare you away, these cameras are built to last.

Detection Circuit       4.5 stars
     With a 0.21 second trigger speed (about the time it takes you to blink), you won't miss a thing.  Even better, the recovery time (time between first and second picture) is nearly instant.  You get roughly 1 picture per second if there is movement in front of the camera.

     This is the fastest detection circuit on the market. Since this camera does not take videos, we could not calculate a video trigger or recovery time into the rankings.

     The detection zone perfectly matches the field of view (very rare for any camera to do this).  The detection range consistently hits 70 ft., which is in the upper echelon of cameras, but not the very top.

Picture Quality       4.0 stars
     The difference from the HC500 to the HC600 is the glow that is produced from the infrared emitters.  The HC600 is completely covert, you will not see a red glow.  The HC500 produces a faint red-glow that is visible really only when looking directly at the camera or close by.

     The day pictures are crystal clear, with almost no blurring.  The colors are rich and vibrant and rank among the best on the market.

     Most companies these days advertise high megapixel ratings on their cameras.  Their high mpxl ratings are actually interpolated images, which is taken from a smaller mpxl camera but enlarged.  Reconyx takes 3.1 mpxl photos, from an actual 3.1 mpxl camera.

     The night pictures don't have the biggest flash, but for the most part they are clear with minimal blurring.  If you were to compare the HC500 night pictures to at HC600 pictures you would notice that the HC600's pictures are a bit grainy at night.  This is to be expected from a no glow infrared camera trap.

     The only fault you can really find with the camera is it doesn't have the "traditional" video option.  What it does have is "near-video."  Aka - the camera takes nearly 2 pictures per second...  You get the idea! 

Battery Life          4.3 stars
     The HC600 uses 12 AA batteries.  The HC600 has an extremely low resting current draw and a low current draw while taking a photo both during the day and night.  This is truly impressive data and speaks volumes to the quality of the product.  The current draws are literally just a blip on the radar when a photo is being take.

Resting Power (on)
Daytime Power Consumption Nighttime Power Consumption
1.44 mW
1.12 Ws
3.50 Ws

mW = Milliwatts
Ws = Watt Seconds

     Reconyx cameras work perfectly with the Tenergy Nimh Rechargeable Batteries.  We like these batteries for the cost savings.  We have noticed as of the summer of 2012 that the battery meter on the Reconyx cameras has been spotty and incorrect quite often.  It has been giving incorrect readings.

     Lithium batteries will give you the longest battery life and the best night picture quality. 

 Ease of Use       4.7 stars
     The camera is very small.  It measures in at 5.5" x 4.5" x 3."  As soon as you start the camera up for the first time, you realize this isn't your same-old game camera.  This is the real-deal.  Instantly, it asks for the year, date, time, what type of batteries you are using and so on.  All this information is then saved.

     The only knock on the camera is the battery meter reads the battery life incorrectly.  We just started noticing this the summer of 2012.
     The buttons are crisp and you immediately realize the quality in your hands. 
The clamps on the camera are strong and snap loudly, letting you know the camera is securely shut.  This is manufactured in Holmen, Wisconsin and their attention to detail is world-class.

     Want the best trail camera ever made?  Look no further.  We promise you will instantly be hooked.  This is a camera trap enthusiasts dream come true.

Enjoy our reviews?  Please consider purchasing your next trail camera from us.

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