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Uway UM562 Cellular Game Camera

Special Offer!  For a limited time we are giving away:*
  • 8 Gig SD Card.
  • 12 Energizer Lithium Batteries.
  • Free setup.
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*  This offer applies only to domestic (lower 48) orders.  This package can only be shipped ground if you want the lithium batteries.  Lithium batteries are not allowed on air deliveries.

     As you may have read in the Uway UM562 Review, this is a cellular game camera that can text or email photos to you.

     This camera excels in a number or camera trap locations.  Use it to capture pictures of animals from hundreds of miles away, let it monitor traffic going in and out of a gate, or stay up to date on what is happening in or around your home while you are on vacation.

     It typically takes about 60 seconds for the camera to text or email you the photo after it has been taken.

     This camera can send MMS text messages to any personal cell phone that has the capability of receiving MMS messages with any carrier such as AT&T, Sprint, Verizon T-Mobile, Virgin Mobile and so on.  However, it is important to know that this camera can only work off of a GSM sim card.

     If you purchase the camera from us you have the option of letting us completely program the camera for you.  All you will need to do is fill in the recipients above the "Add to Cart" button near the top of this page.  All you will need to do after that is get a GSM sim card and put it in the camera.

     To program yourself, here is our Cellular Setup Guide.

     Please read our Cellular Trail Camera Disclosure before purchasing any cell camera.
     Along with our 90 Day Return Policy and 2 Year Exclusive Warranty, we are experts in properly programming this camera.  We man the phone lines to help you get your camera up and running.  Many people have purchased from other dealers and later learn that they offer no after the sale technical experience.  We urge you to consider that before purchasing elsewhere.

Manufacturer Specifications
  • 5 Mega Pixels CMOS sensor,high quality picture
  • Transmit pictures via cellular network(message or email)
  • Text or call notification via cellular network
  • Easy setup with user-friendly interface.
  • Build-in color display for camera setting and picture view
  • Sound recording
  • Support up to 16G SD card
  • 40 High-Output IR LEDs
  • Password protection
  • Lockable with mounting strap
  • Temperature and moon phase stamp on the images
  • External battery jack works with 6V external power including solar panel
  • Uway UM562 Owner's Manual

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