Common Trail Camera Questions

What is the best trail camera that sends pictures to your phone?

The Browning Defender Vision Pro is our number one-rated cellular trail camera at the moment. This cellular game trail cameras takes excellent photos and gets great battery life.

What is the the best motion activated trail camera?

The Browning Spec Ops Elite HP5 Trail Camera has our top-rated score at this time. This trail game camera takes excellent photos, videos, and gets great battery life. If you are looking for the best motion-activated trail camera purchase it with Trailcampro today.

Are wireless trail cameras worth it?

Wireless trail cameras give you the ability to receive photos or videos directly to your phone. Getting real time photos of deer and other wildlife to your phone is invaluable. You can also use wireless trail cameras for security applications.

What is the best cellular trail camera for the money?

The best cellular trail camera for the money is the Tactacam Reveal X Pro. These cellular cameras are $149.99 and take great photos, get good battery life, very reliable, and are easy to use.

What is the difference between a game camera and a trail camera?

Wildlife cameras are called by a few different names. Some users call them game cameras, trail cameras, scouting cameras, and wildlife cameras. There is really no difference between a game camera and a trail camera. There are many different models of both and they can be called both a game camera, or a trail camera. Read our trail camera and game camera reviews here at Trailcampro to find the best game or trail camera to fit your needs.

How high off the ground should a trail camera be?

There are many different scenarios for setting up trail cameras. There is not one particular way that it has to be done. However, as a rule of thumb we recommend mounting trail cameras about waist high. This usually works for most settings like placing a game camera on a trail, or maybe watching a feeder.

What is the best trail camera for home security?

There are many different trail cameras you can use for security. Some of them will have the ability to send photos to your phone using a cellular connection through Verizon or AT&T. On of our top picks for a cellular security camera is going to be the Spartan GoLive 2 M. If you are looking for a cellular trail camera for home security one of our top-picks is going to be the here. If you don't have a cellular signal where you are wanting to place the security trail camera. The Reconyx Hyperfire 2 Security may be a good option for you.

How much does a cellular trail camera plan cost?

When choosing a cellular trail camera the cost of the plans can be important. Spypoint seems to offer the best monthly and yearly plans especially if you are wanting an unlimited plan. Most cameras are going to start around $10 a month and that is going to get you a set number of photos per month or a specific amount of data per month. To check out all the cellular cameras and their plans click here and choose which cellular game camera you want to look at.

How do I view my trail camera pictures on my phone?

Almost everyone has a smartphone these days and you can use them to view your trail camera photos. Typically when you have an iPhone the best thing to purchase is going to be an iPhone SD card reader. You would want to purchase one made by Apple as we have seen issues with other brands. If you have an Android device you could use the Android phone reader. It seems to work well with Android phones but has issues with iPhones. Cellular cameras are also available, you will have to purchase a plan through the manufacturer and you will receive photos directly to your phone.

How do I choose what cellular service I need for a cellular trail camera?

When you are looking for a cellular trail camera sometimes it can be confusing as to what provider you choose. Generally you will want to choose whatever you get the best reception with not who you have as your carrier. If you have AT&T but you get better Verizon service where you are wanting to place the camera then you would want to choose the Verizon model. We hope this helps you to choose the right carrier for your cellular game camera.