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Live Streaming Trail Game Cameras

Finally, there is an option for a live streaming trail camera. Just like normal cellular trail cameras, live streaming game cameras detect motion and then send an alert with a picture. However, a live streaming trail camera also allows a user to log in and stream live video directly to their phone. Live video feed game cameras are a great option for security as well as monitoring wildlife. Scroll beneath the available models to learn everything you need to know about this new technology.



Live streaming trail cameras – Everything you need to know

 You don’t have to use the same service as your cell phone

As with cellular trail cameras, data plans for most live streaming trail cameras are provided by the manufacturer and not added to your current cell phone plan. This has some real advantages. The cell signal of your current provider might be good in town, but maybe not as strong or non-existent where you want to place your new live stream video cam.  Additionally, if you’re using your new live streaming trail camera for hunting, you may only want to have it active during the few months of hunting season.  Trail camera manufacturers have seasonal plans for hunters, the big phone companies usually do not.

 Which model is best for you – Verizon or AT&T?

Every area is different.  The only way to know for sure is to grab both AT&T and Verizon cell phones and travel to the location where you plan to place your new live streaming game camera.   Once there, you’ll want to take photos and text them on both phones to someone located where you spend most of your time (home, work, etc.).  Track how long it takes for the photo to send on each network.  Make sure you travel to all the possible places you might place your camera.  Tally an aggregate score for each provider and choose the fastest.  If you plan to log in for live streaming video, you’ll want to follow the same routine but use Facetime video instead.  Please be aware it takes a much more consistent signal to wirelessly transmit live video.  Oftentimes a cellular game camera has adequate service to function, but there is not enough signal strength for a live streaming trail camera to transmit video. Make sure you test both.

 Limitless opportunities now available

· Security – Cellular trail cameras have long been the favorite choice for security applications where AC power isn’t available or practical to use.  These units have literally been used as mobile alarm systems. With no power, landline or internet required a cellular game camera takes only minutes to become fully functional. And now, the most often cited criticism has been solved. Cellular trail camera owners receive an alert and a photo of whatever triggered their camera.  In a potential security situation, cellular game cameras only send a photo every minute or so.  If those photos are blurry or inconclusive, the owner doesn’t know whether they’re dealing with a serious matter, or simply a false alarm.  With a live streaming trail camera, the owner can log in, view the live video feed and respond accordingly. Live streaming cameras are just as useful as remote security cameras that monitor your property 24/7.

· Wildlife Management – The exponential proliferation of feral hogs has grown way beyond the nuisance stage. Feral hogs damage millions of dollars worth of American crops every year and there is no end in sight.  Sows produce two litters of 18-20 piglets annually and no amount of hunting can keep the population in check.  Large-scale trapping is the only solution.  Unfortunately, feral hogs are extremely intelligent and adapt to threats.  Hogs that escape a trapping situation learn to avoid traps.  Live streaming game cameras allow conservation agents to view live video and only close the trap door when the entire group has entered the trap.

· Recreational boating applications – Security on boat docks has always been an ideal use of cellular game cameras. Now, water sports enthusiasts can use live streaming trail cameras to remotely assess whether lake conditions are optimal for skiing or wakeboarding.     

 Off-Grid Security - These live streaming trail cameras are a great option for security at your off-grid cabin.  The Spartan GoLive runs off of 12AA batteries so there is no need for electricity where you are placing the cameras.  You will also be able to log in and see a live video with audio feed at your off-grid cabin.