Browning Trail Cameras

Appearing on the scene just a few years ago, Browning trail cameras have quickly become a favorite for both consumers and industry professionals alike. Browning game cameras are available in a variety of configurations including no glow infrared and red glow infrared.  We also offer Browning trail camera models with internal viewers allowing users to review photos in the field. An internal viewer also allows a user to properly aim and align their Browning game camera.  

Over the last several years many trail camera manufacturers have consistently reduced the size of their models. However, few have attained the reduction in size Browning accomplished.  Measuring just 4 1/2 x 3 x 2 1/2 with a realistic tree bark camouflage, Browning trail cameras are among the easiest to conceal. All trail cameras purchased through us come with our two-year warranty.


 2017 Browning Game Camera Comparison

Browning trail cameras have earned a reputation for producing quality wildlife cameras, at affordable prices. Every Browning trail camera you purchase with us comes with our exclusive 2-year warranty and 90-day return policy.  If you aren't happy with your camera return it for a full refund, exchange or upgrade of your choice.

The 2017 Browning Trail Cameras currently include the red glow IR Browning Strike Force 850 HD and the no glow IR Browning Dark Ops 940 HD. These cameras are built on the #1 selling sub-micro line of trailcams from Browning.

Browning does have plans to release a Browning Strike Force Pro and Browning Dark Ops Pro. These tiny cameras will include an internal viewer, they are expected out later in 2017. Another new model to keep an eye out for is the 2017 Browning Defender 850. This will be a wireless trail camera that can send photos to your phone from a few hundred feet away. This model isn't expected until late Spring, 2017.

Each Browning trail camera has a specific purpose or specialty. The 2016 Browning sub-micro game cameras are labeled as "HDE." This stands for High Definition Elite. The Browning Strike Force Elite is an infrared scouting camera, that produces a faint red glow when it records pictures or videos at night.  The Dark Ops is the sister to the Strike Force, except it does not produce a visible light when taking pictures or videos at night (no glow infrared). The Spec Ops specializes in high quality, no glow infrared HD video, it provides the best video resolution of any Browning game camera.

Several of the 2016 Browning scouting cameras come in the "Platinum Series."  Any "Platinum" Browning trail camera will have an internal picture viewer.  This helps the user quickly flip through pictures or videos the Browning hunting camera has taken.

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