No Glow Infrared Trail Cameras

No Glow IR cameras are also commonly referred to as black flash trail cameras or invisible flash trail cameras.   The name originates from this camera’s ability to illuminate an animal without the animal (or any other species in the area) detecting the flash.  No glow infrared trail cameras use led emitters which transmit infrared light above the 900 nanometer spectrum. While light above the 900 nanometer spectrum is typically not detectable by humans (or any other animals) it is important to note a very small percentage of species are able to detect 900+ spectrum light.  However, since the vast majority of species can’t detect 900+ infrared light this makes a no glow ir camera ideal for security and other covert applications. No glow infrared trail cameras have also become increasingly popular for wildlife surveillance as they typically do not spook game like some other types of trail cameras.