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Trailcampro Comprehensive Score:

In Progress



Spypoint Flex M - TCP Staff

Model # Spypoint Flex-M | Spypoint Flex M Manual


Trailcampro Comprehensive Score:

 In Progress/100

Picture Quality:                    In Progress

  28 Mpxl Photos (interpolated)  | 720 p Video Resolution

Battery Life: 3.3 Months (pics) | 1.9 Months (videos)

 Using 30 pics day + night  |  Using 30 vids day + night

Trigger Speed & Detection: In Progress 

 Trigger & Recovery: 0.35 s.  -  65.7 s.  (Pictures)  |  1.57 s.  -  50.9 s.  (Videos)  |   ft. Range

Quality of Design:               In Progress

   8 AA Batteries  |  12-volt External Battery Jack  |   No Internal Viewer



  • Connects to all national carriers
  • Time-lapse
  • Time-lapse+
  • Simple setup


  • Micro SD card
  • No internal menu



Be Wary Of Megapixel Ratings

Megapixel ratings for trail cameras seem to increase more & more every year. In reality, the native resolution of 99% of all trail cameras is 5 megapixels or less.  Manufacturers artificially inflate megapixel ratings for advertising purposes through a process called interpolation. Interpolated photos are enhanced by software to mimic the file size of a higher megapixel photo, but seldom offer additional clarity or resolution.  The result is an exponentially larger file size photo which takes longer to load and slows down the speed of your camera.  We always program our cameras to capture photos at the image sensor's native resolution. This allows our cameras to operate as efficiently as possible and store more photos to memory.  With shorter load times,  this also allows us to review photos at a much quicker pace.  To put things in perspective, the trail camera widely considered to be the "Gold Standard" and used by more professional researchers than any other unit is just 3 megapixels.


Picture Quality:  In Progress/100

Photo resolution:  28 mpxl (interpolated)

Video resolution: 720p   

Flash Type

 We are placing cameras in the field and will post samples when we get them.




Battery Life:    In Progress/100



Picture & Video Resting Power (on):  1.36 mW

Picture Daytime/Nighttime Power Consumption:  55.2 Ws  |  55.1 Ws

Video Daytime/Nighttime Power Consumption:  45.7 Ws  |  96.1 Ws

Here are your best battery options:

Trailcampro Choice: AmpTORRENT Rechargeable AA Lithium

If the Spypoint Flex M were to take 15-day and 15-night pictures every 24 hours, this camera would last 2.2 months in the field - per charge - on a set of AmpTorrent Rechargeable AA Lithium batteries. 


There are a number of benefits to these batteries:

  • Up to 1,200 charges
  • Consistent 1.5 volt operation
  • Charges with the included USB cable
  • Eco-friendly (less batteries in a landfill)
  • Batteries pay for themselves after 2-3 charges

Longest Lasting Choice: Energizer Ultimate Lithium

If the Spypoint Flex M were to take 15-day and 15-night pictures every 24 hours, this camera would last 3.3 months in the field on a set of Energizer Ultimate Lithium batteries.


Video Mode

If this camera were to take 15 day and 15 night videos every 24 hours, it would last 1.9 months in the field on a set of Energizer Ultimate Lithium batteries.

Ultimate Lithium batteries are the longest-lasting battery choice due to their incredible consistency and capacity. We've loved these batteries for a long time. However, in recent years they have become cost prohibitive and forced us to seek out a more affordable, eco-friendly option. 



Detection Circuit:     In Progress/100


Picture Trigger & Recovery Speed:  0.35 s.  |  65.7 s.

Video Trigger & Recovery Speed:   1.57 s.  |  50.9 s. 

Detection Range & Angle:  120 ft @ 45.2° detection angle (50° f.o.v.)




Quality of Design:     In Progress/100


Dimensions:  " x " x "

Battery Type:  8 AA

External Battery Jack: 12-volt

SD Card Size: 2 to 512 GB class 10 ultra-high speed microSD card


Case Design


 The Spypoint Flex M is a sharp little camera with a sleek appearance and an outer shell that feels solid when in your hands. The latch is unorthodox and opens top-down, which is just note worthy but not particularly important one way or the other. You can pull the battery tray out of the bottom of the camera. 

The camera has a threaded insert on the back of the camera for a slate river mount and a built-in python bracket. The lack of an internal viewer makes you almost completely reliant on the smartphone app and remote setting controls. There are a few lights on the camera that will light up for certain functions like bars of reception.


 Camera Setup


 The setup is as simple as you hope it will be. Shouldn't take longer than a minute or two, even for folks that hate technology.

  1. Download the Spypoint app and create an account
  2. Click the + button in the cameras tab to add a camera
  3. Follow the instructions (Takes maybe a minute)
  4. Turn the camera on



The vast majority of consumer-grade trail cameras are inexpensive, imported devices exposed to harsh conditions 24/7/365.  Most manufacturers only offer a one-year warranty.  We stock only the most durable units and provide an additional year of warranty at no extra charge. The Trailcampro exclusive 2-year warranty allows you to deal directly with Trailcampro avoiding long wait times on hold with the manufacturer and prolonged periods without a replacement camera.  We turn around most warranties in just one business day!

 All test results are achieved through the use of proprietary equipment used exclusively by Trailcampro.  Any re-publication of this data without prior written consent is strictly prohibited by law. COPYRIGHT TRAILCAMPRO, L.L.C. 2023, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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