"   I am obsessed with my trail cam and have collected thousands of pics from scenery to wildlife in the wooded areas of Maine.  I am trying to get a forum out there to share my pics with other trail cam enthusiasts.  I believe that this is a rare view of nature that is by pure chance that these pictures are obtained and are so very rare.

   I have a few pics of the great Maine moose that are just priceless!!  I have attached a pic of a fisher cat with his prey and one of a deer getting a drink from the river in our backyard in Maine and other deer picture while he is bedded down for a rest. 

   Again, these are just a few of so many that I been fortunate to obtain during the 3 years I have been leaving these trail cameras on my property.  I now have 4 of them and get so excited when I collect them to see what pictures I have obtained.  "

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