We finally have inventory of the new Spypoint Trail Cameras that everyone has been asking about:

What do I think of them?  I think they are insanely fast and have 16 month battery life.  Haven't gotten many sample pictures in yet, so that will tell the big story.

What I really would love is if some of you purchased them and then gave me your thoughts and shared the pictures and videos you get (nick@trailcampro.com).

What's the risk?  If you don't like it, return it for a full refund or exchange.  You basically can borrow this camera from us for free.

The upside is this... If these trail cameras take good pictures and videos, you probably have the greatest value trail camera that has been produced.  That is a pretty crazy statement to make but it would be the truth.  The Force 11D is the fastest camera every manufactured, has 16 month battery life and comes with an internal viewer.

All for $149.

spypoint force 11d


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