I really like and appreciate our Blog followers, so I'm going to let you in on a secret.

   The new Bushnell Aggressor Wireless is a heck of a cellular trail camera and may end up being the best cellular trail camera we have this year.

   This camera is incredibly fast, which is rare for cellular cameras and it detected out to 110 feet in our 2016 Detection Shootout.  I messed with this camera all day yesterday and came away impressed with how easy it was to setup and navigate.

   When I'm analyzing ease of use, specifically on a cell camera, I try to imagine if I were to give the camera to my Mom (love you Mom!), would she be able to figure it out?  In this case, I'd say yes if she just read our directions on the Bushnell Aggressor Wireless cellular trail camera review.  Btw, my Mom doesn't know how to work a TV remote - no joke!

   The battery life isn't great, but there isn't a cell camera that excels in this category unfortunately.

   Daytime pictures look good from the few we have here at our office (we are using the camera for security surveillance right now).  Most impressively, the camera has the 4th best flash range from all the no glow trail cameras in our 2016 Flash Range Shootout.

Overall, I'm pretty sold on this camera.  So here is the secret.  We are about to run out of them and in talking to Bushnell they are going to be on backorder for a while...  If you're looking for a cellular trailcam - I'd buy this one but do it now so you don't have to wait.  

If you aren't looking for a cell camera, then here are some cool pics that are completely unrelated to the rest of this post. :)

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