Just finished the first Bushnell Review of the year. Here is the Bushnell Aggressor Low Glow Review.

This camera isn't without its quirks, but it remains a solid camera for 2017.

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Jeff H

Jeff H

I must be the unlucky one here. I received a no glow aggressor for xmas 2015. I set it out and received a full card of trees and grasses. Moved the camera away from the field and the unit performed better. Same settings. The nite pics were less than ok. I called Trailcampro.com and they suggested some minor tweaks to the menu options. I did those and set it out again in the field next to an older Moultrie 880. The Bushnell again filled up the card with less than good nite pics. The Moultrie did ok. For some reason it didn’t start taking pics till the end of the camera pull. Jeez. Cameras can be frustrating but there is good news. John at trailcampro found where we had purchased the Bushnell and wanted it back to check out. So, we will see if you guys can iron out the problem.

The Bushnell does take good day time pics. Birds in flight pics are always neat. I just hope this camera was just a lemon.

Thank you trailcampro for taking a look at this camera.


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