Sorry for the lack of posts lately, we have so many outlets (social media, youtube) that it is hard to keep up with all of them. However, today is an exciting day here at Trailcampro, and for all our loyal customers like you! We are super proud to release our Trailcampro Rewards/Referral Program!

While reward programs aren't new to the world, they certainly are to us. We've made it to where just by signing up you can get $10 your next purchase and continue earning rewards when you like us on social media or by purchasing items.

To me, the best part is the opportunity to make it to Silver or Gold status. In Silver, you get 50% off 2-Day Air shipping and 25% off batteries. Even better, Gold status is FREE 2 Day shipping and 50% off batteries!

Please be patient with us as this is in Beta and will evolve as we learn about it and try to master all the aspects of a rewards program. I hope you find it beneficial, have a great weekend!


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