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Best solar panel for trail cameras
Solar panel for Reconyx Cellualr trail cameras
Reconyx Cellular game cameras solar panel
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Reconyx Solar Panel Unit

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Reconyx Solar Panel Power Unit

External power supply for RECONYX cameras with External Power Connection such as Cellular Enabled Hyperfire Security Cameras.
The Reconyx SC950 and SM750 have the external battery jack that will work with this power panel.

Compatible with:
- Security Series cameras with External Power Jack & Cable upgrade.
- All Cellular Enabled Cameras

12-volt Power Pack (8"x8") is continually charged by a 10 watt Solar Panel (14"x20").

This unit, especially the battery, is very heavy.  One panel and battery is 30 lbs.  We will still ship to the lower 48 for free, but if ordering with UPS Air (either Internationally or domestically), expect it to be expensive.

All wiring and mounting hardware is included. Camera and Security Enclosure are not included.

Reconyx Solar Panel Unit has a rating of 5.0 stars based on 1 reviews.