2017 Trail Camera Photo Contest

2017 Photo Contest

Thanks to everyone who participated in the contest this year. Keep up the good work and continue taking world-class photos!

Each category winner is posted on the following tabs. Click any of the tabs below to view the pictures that have been submitted. Thanks for viewing!

2017 Prizes

 Grand Prize Winner

- Chosen by the TCP Staff.

Each Category Winner

- Chosen by the TCP Staff.

Spypoint Link-S (Cellular Camera) Browning Strike Force Pro

2017 Grand Prize Winner

 Daniel Anthony Sr., New York


2017 Deer Pictures

2017 Deer Category Winner

 Barry Wensel, Iowa

 Reconyx HC500 HCO Spartan Bushnell Trophy Cam 2017 Trailcampro Photo Contest
1.  Stephen Estes, Kentucky (Browning) 2.  Darrell Sack, Nova Scotia (Stealth Cam) 3.  Jim Kloek, Minnesota (Moultrie M-990i)
4. Robbie Duggan, Missouri (Browning) 5. Mike Ondo, Pennsylvania (Bushnell) 6. Mike Kramschuster, Wisconsin (Browning)
7. Matthew Wood Jr. (Browning) 8. Mack Hitch, Colorado 9. Jeff Clontz, Virginia (Spypoint)
10. Jamie Thiesfeld, Oregon (Moultrie) 11. Brad Freeland, Oregon (Browning) 12. Jeffrey Nelson, Louisiana (Primos)
13. Jody Weyandt, Pennsylvania (Moultrie) 14. Keith Beddingfield (Reconyx) 15. Paul Cheney, Maine (Wildgame)
16. Robert Ramsey, Pennsylvania (Stealth) 17. Richard Leyendecker, Texas (HCO) 18. Willard Douglas, New Hampshire (Browning)
19. Jason Kerr, Wisconsin (Browning) 20. Larry Lee, Alabama (Bushnell Trail Cameras) 21. John Ennenga, Michigan (Wildgame Innovations)
22. Michael Zuelke, Texas (Bushnell) 23. Matt Hanneken, Minnesota (Browning Trail Cameras) 24. Lance David, Pennsylvania (Browning)
25. John Carolan, Kansas (Browning) 26. Frank Gardner (Browning) 27. Doug Hein, Maine (Browning)
28. Dave Black, Virginia (Bushnell) 29. Dan Rozboril, Arizona (Browning) 30. Zach Polaske, Wisconsin (Cuddeback)
31. John Scott, Ontario (Ridgetec) 32. Dave Beal, New York (Moultrie) 33. Brian Ritchie, Florida (Bushnell)
34. Tracy Childs, Forida (Browning) 35. Richard Townsend, New York (Wildgame Innovations) 36. Matt Nabors, Kansas (Bushnell)
37. Jimmy Mitchell, West Virginia (Wildgame) 38. Jason Jacobs (Browning) 39. Glenn Beckman, Maryland (Browning)
40. Brandyn Coner, Pennsylvania (Wildgame) 41. David Martin, Alabama (Primos) 42. David Stancil, South Carolina (Browning)
43. Gary Peterson, Wisconsin (Bushnell) 44. Justin Gillis, Alberta (Bushnell) 45. Joe Miehe, Georgia (Primos)
46. Roger Larson, Minnesota (Bushnell) 47. Ryan Hess, Indiana (Browning) 48. Stephen Short (Reconyx)
49. Steve Leach (Browning) 50. Tatem Brandt, North Dakota (Hunten) 51. Connor Green, Delaware (Browning)
52. Cindy McConnell, Pennsylvania (Reconyx) 53. Kevin Black, Michigan (Bushnell) 54. Stephen Buff, New York (Moultrie)
55. Matt Ryan, Michigan (Wildgame) 56. Ken Faba, Michigan (Moultrie) 57. Kevin Knisely (Moultrie)
58. Grant Bushman, Missouri (Moultrie) 59. George Parris, Iowa (Bushnell) 60. Eric Waldroff, Arkansas (Bushnell)
61. Winston Zimmerman, Pennsylvania (Cuddeback) 62. Billy Hilbers, Texas (Stealth Cam) 63. Matt Hanneken (Browning)
64. Pat Boyer, Colorado (Browning) 65. Robert Curry, Georgia (Browning) 66. Shawn Eagle, Missouri (Bushnell)
67. Susan Linetzky, Michigan (Browning) 68. Thomas Gift, Georgia (Stealth Cam) 69. Kevin Ray, Kentucky (Covert)
70. Jeff Turnbow, Oklahoma (Spypoint) 71. Howard Bryan, Florida (Moultrie) 72. Donna MacCallum, Massachusetts (Browning)
73. Gordon Karlgren, Massachusetts (Moultrie) 74. Irwin Schnelker, Indiana (Stealth) 75. Jeb Bailey, Oklahoma (Covert)
76. David Gottschalk, Florida (Browning) 77. Chuck Jennes, Connecticut (Reconyx) 78. Mason Walch, Minnesota (Moultrie)
79. Nick Hall, Kentucky (Browning) 80. Peter Boyne, Oklahoma (HCO) 81. Rob McMickle, Illinois (Browning)
82. Ron Krause, Pennsylvania (Browning) 83. Marcus Kirchoff, Wisconsin (Stealth Cam) 84. Ken Faba, Michigan (Browning Strike Force Pro)
85. John DiCello, Michigan (Wildgame) 86. John Collier, North Carolina (Moultrie) 87. Doug Cook, Pennsylvania (Wildview)
88. Gregg Starks, New York (Cuddeback) 89. Delmar Ritter, Pennsylvania (Bushnell) 90. Elizabeth Brumbaugh, Wyoming (Bushnell)
91. Joe Blackwell, Virginia (Browning) 92. Craig Boyne, Oklahoma (HCO) 93. Brian Schmidt, Indiana (Bushnell)
94. Bill Schmoker, Wisconsin (Reconyx) 95. Aaron Brandt, Missouri (Reconyx) 96. Paul Shamblin, Oklahoma (HCO Scoutguard)
97. Grant Canova-Parker, California (Reconyx) 98. Jennifer Shamblin, Oklahoma (HCO Scoutguard) 99. Kathy Kittel Davis, Oregon (Stealth Cam)
100. Melinda Gutierrez, New Mexico (Reconyx) 101. Chuck DeSantis, Pennsylvania (Browning) 102. Andy Kirsch, Pennsylvania (Spypoint)
103. Alan VanderKooy, Wisconsin 104. Corey Schwanz, Indiana (Browning) 105. Gary Jones, Illinois (HCO Spartan)
106. Jeff Smith, Pennsylvania (Browning) 107. Mike Chaulk, Michigan (Primos) 108. Mike O'neil, Alabama (Scoutguard)
109. Patrick Kennedy, Illinois (HCO Spartan) 110. Randy Nessler, Iowa (Covert) 111. Claude Campbell, California (Browning)
112. Chris George (Bushnell) 113. Bill Tate, Colorado (Spypoint) 114. Alex Lang (Browning)
115. Steven Foreman, Washington (Bushnell) 116. Tom Gore, Michigan (HCO) 117. Jason Lucas, Michigan (Exodus)
118. Matt DeGolyer, Indiana (Browning) 119. Jeffrey Cornish, Illinois (Primos) 120. Jon Hart, Pennsylvania (Moultrie)
121. Kimberly Anspach, Virginia (Browning) 122. Krissy Dennis, Pennsylvania 123. Jake Drew (Covert)
124. Hunter Kroening, New York (Browning) 125. David Dennis, Pennsylvania 126. Chris Lenauer, Missouri (HCO)
127. Will Draughon, Wisconsin 128. Scott Kirsch, Pennsylvania (Spypoint) 129. Pete Volpe, Wisconsin (Browning)
130. Philip Byers, Ohio (Cuddeback) 131. Joseph Pfohman, New York (Moultrie) 132. Joseph Mcgaha, Alabama (Browning)
133. Joey Stanger, Texas (Stealth Cam) 134. Raney Oven, Georgia (Browning) 135. Anthony Gregory (Cuddeback)
136. William Schultz, South Carolina (Wildgame) 137. Robin Braun, Ohio (Cuddeback) 138. Robert Munroe, New Hampshire (Bushnell)
139. Martin Heisrath, Virginia (Stealth Cam) 140. Kenneth Merritt (HCO) 141. Jennifer Zhao, North Carolina (Stealth Cam)
142. Chris Braun, Ohio (Cuddeback) 143. Barry Wensel, Iowa (Browning) 144. Ken Kodilla, Montana (Browning)
145. Roy Phillips, Kentucky (Browning) 146. Jeff Shindledecker, Pennsylvania (Exodus) 147. Mike Bonham, Colorado (Bushnell)
148. Kevin Worden II, Massachusetts (Browning) 149. Jeff Gargac, Missouri (Bushnell) 150. Charlie Shinert, Pennsylvania (Moultrie)
151. James Kuhn, Ohio (Bushnell) 152. Victor Miller, North Carolina (Cuddeback) 153. Troy Land, Florida (Moultrie)
154. Tony Hough, Iowa (Moultrie) 155. Scott Muehlhauser, Missouri (Stealth Cam) 156. Loren Vancura, Nebraska (Moultrie)
157. James Larue, Minnesota (Moultrie) 158. James Boyne, Oklahoma (HCO Scoutguard) 159. Margot O'Brien, New York (Bushnell)
160. Matthew Antczak, Illinois (Browning) 161. Patrick Hill, Texas (Browning) 162. Stewart Shank, Virginia (Browning)
163. Sudan Huffman, Oregon (Wildgame) 164. Will Huffman, Oregon (Wildgame) 165. Lee Foster, Arkansas (Moultrie)
166. Ken Hallett, Manitoba (Spypoint) 167. Jeff Jacobs, Kentucky (HCO) 168. Jahshua Sanchez, Wyoming (Browning)
169. Fredrick Fink, Pennsylvania (Browning) 170. Zachary Baker, Pennsylvania (Bushnell) 171. Shawn Ellis, Missouri (Bushnell)
172. Ken Hook, New Jersey (Spypoint)


2017 US & Canada Pictures

2017 US and Canada Category Winner

 Bill Pincus, North Carolina

1. Tracy Jones, California (Bushnell) 2. Terry St. John, Ohio (Bushnell) 3. Steve Frye, Kansas (Browning)
4. Ron White, New Hampshire (Cuddeback) 5. Ken Erickson, Wisconsin (Moultrie) 6. Jed McDaniels, Washington (Bushnell)
7. Don Murray, Montana (Bushnell) 8. Brent Hemly, Minnesota (Browning) 9. Tom Mortenson, Florida (Moultrie)
10. Lowell Scott, Kentucky (Moultrie) 11. Justin Ludy, South Carolina (Jager Pro) 12. Jason Stone, Louisiana (Browning trailcam)
13. Jarrod Love, Ohio (Reconyx) 14. Dave Zembryski, Florida (Browning) 15. Bruce Krtek, California (Browning)
16. Allen Baker, Kansas (Moultrie game camera) 17. Scott Sauter, Texas (Bushnell) 18. Mark Ellis, Florida (Reconyx)
19. Herb Labus, Tennessee (Spypoint) 20. Dan Larsen, Wisconsin (Browning) 21. Tony Smith, Georgia (Bushnell)
22. Sally Naser, Massachusetts (Reconyx) 23. Ray Pritchett, Georgia (Browning) 24. Phil Ernvall, Michigan (Browning)
25. Nick Rus, Illinois (Bushnell) 26. Nels Hadden (Washington) 27. Kathy Miles, Arizona (Moultrie)
28. John Thompson, Colorado (Bushnell) 29. Carter England, Alabama (Bushnell) 30. Jacob Mattila, Minnesota (HCO)
31. Gil Lackey, Tennessee (Homebrew) 32. Donna Goodnight, Texas (HCO Spartan) 33. Dirk Hutchins, Oregon (Stealth Cam)
34. Dennis Money, New York (Browning) 35. David Scarbrough, Missouri (Boly) 36. Brian Wensel, Pennsylvania (Cuddeback)
37. Micaela Zanat, New Jersey (Wildgame Innovations) 38. Lars Kilpela, Michigan (Bushnell) 39. Jessie Polatty (Stealth Cam)
40. Emily Edwards (Moultrie) 41. Christopher Douglas, Missouri (Bushnell) 42. Gregg Simmonsen, Pennsylvania (Bushnell
43. Dale Lewis, Indiana (Bushnell) 44. Crystal Redpath, Saskatchewan (Ridgetec) 45. Richard Gahm, Missouri (Browning)
46. Joe Piston, Alaska (Bushnell) 47. Zachary Haffey, Pennsylvania (Browning) 48. Tom Gillespie, Missouri (Browning)
49. Thomas Bommarito, Arizona (Bushnell) 50. Robert Long, Arizona (Browning) 51. Rich Juelfs, Nebraska, (Browning)
52. Mike Uppleger, Michigan (Browning) 53. Mike Essick, Missouri (Moultrie) 54. Larry Larson, Oregon (Browning)
55. Kenneth Yarber, Missouri (Covert) 56. Joshua Troski, Ohio (Cuddeback) 57. Wayne Gressman, Minnesota (Moultrie)
58. Victoria Secord, Texas (Covert) 59. Susie Repko, South Carolina (Browning) 60. Olivier Dumont, Quebec (Spypoint)
61. Robert Nairn, Oklahoma (Reconyx) 62. Ross Bockbrader, New Jersey (Wildgame) 63. Matthew Lang, Wisconsin (Cuddeback)
64. Leslie Patten, Wyoming (Reconyx) 65. Kris Mason, Illinois (Primos) 66. Juan Salinas, California (Browning)
67. Cody Hicks, Texas (Moultrie) 68. Darin Staab, Washington (Wildgame) 69. Dave McGlone, Michigan (Browning)
70. Edith Levesque, Quebec (Spypoint) 71. Eric Schott, Michigan (Covert) 72. Garry Martinick, British Columbia (Reconyx)
73. James Gillis, Alberta (Bushnell) 74. Chris Holes, Pennsylvania (Browning) 75. Bill Pincus, North Carolina (Bushnell)
76. Troy Bialas, Iowa (Browning) 77. Stewart Rodgers, Wyoming (Wildgame) 78. Steve Luttrell, North Carolina (Bushnell)
79. Stacy Hammond, Virginia (Browning) 80. Ross Jorgensen, Minnesota (Wildgame) 81. Ronald Yarber, Missouri (Browning)
82. Patrick Wegeler, New Jersey (Browning) 83. Ken Wright, California (Browning) 84. Kimberly Pravda, New Mexico (Covert)
85. Kurt Tate, Colorado (Spypoint) 86. Marc McCurry, Colorado (Reconyx) 87. Jake Blank, Pennsylvania (Wildgame)
88. Bruce Jenkins, Georgia (Wildgame) 89. Bryn Evans, Maine (Bushnell) 90. Chad Purcell (Bushnell)
91. Dean McKinnon, Washington (Bushnell) 92. Bob Knepper, Pennsylvania (Browning) 93. Andrea Haas, Missouri (Browning)
94. Zachary Bode, Michigan (Spypoint) 95. Selah Tenney, Oregon (Reconyx) 96. Todd Langlais, Rhode Island (Moultrie)
97. Bryan Brinkley, North Carolina (Bushnell) 98. Robin Brossman, Pennsylvania (Browning) 99. Peggy Bowen, Virginia (Covert Scouting Cameras)
100. Michele Reinwald, Wisconsin (Stealth Cam) 101. Joey Brooks, Virginia (Stealth Cam) 102. Linda Cutsforth, British Columbia (Primos)
103. Linda Waldrep, South Carolina (Browning) 104. Gary Burke, Ontario (Bushnell) 105. Eugene Brumbaugh, Wyoming (Bushnell)
106. Calvin Davis, Oregon (Browning) 107. Clark Engelman, Pennsylvania (Stealth) 108. Wendy Zens, Ontario (Reconyx)
109. Theresa Groman, New York (Reconyx) 110. Teresa Ginn, Tennessee (Bushnell) 111. Ruth Miller, Pennsylvania (Spypoint)
115. Kevin Leader, Pennsylvania (Wildgame) 116. Judith Johnson, Michigan (Browning) 117. Wes Cutsforth, British Columbia (Primos)
118. Tom Fitzgerald, Iowa 119. Robert Ruff, Texas (Browning) 120. Philip Higgins, California (Bushnell)
121. Philip Cox, Virginia (Browning) 122. Keith Lehto, Michigan (HCO) 123. Jonathan Harris, Colorado (Browning)
124. Jane Carter, Massachusetts (Browning) 125. Isaac Hibbs, Oregon (Wildgame) 126. Will Parker, Idaho (Reconyx)
127. David Neils, Colorado 128. Dan Young, Oregon (Spypoint) 129. Aaron Manning, Missouri (Bushnell)
133. LaVayne Bestul, Minnesota (Browning) 134. Norman Kidder (Bushnell) 135. Joey Phillips, Mississippi (Bushnell)
136. Wes Johnson, Texas (Browning) 137. Steve Kroening, New York (Moultrie) 138. Rich Webb (Browning)
139. Nels Hadden, Washington (Moultrie) 140. Mike Stringham, Iowa (Browning) 141. James Maples, Virginia (Bushnell)
142. Colby Davis, Arizona (Stealth Cam) 143. Theresa Kroening, New York (Bushnell) 144. Dar New, Washington (Browning)
145. David Mattern, Washington (Browning) 146. Richard Cook, Massachusetts (Browning) 147. Jared Young, Kentucky (Bushnell)
148. Joe Johnson (Browning) 149. Kathy Krause (Browning) 150. Nita Waller, Washington (Browning)
151. Robert Hardy, Wisconsin (Browning) 152. Steve Adams, North Carolina (Browning) 153. Tony Campbell, Arizona (Reconyx)
154. Janet Urquhart, Colorado (Bushnell) 155. Dennis Shenkenberg (Bushnell) 156. Darin Kerr, Idaho (Spypoint)
157. Brett Meredith, Colorado (Spypoint) 158. Brad Fields, Kentucky (Stealth Cam) 159. Blu Lowery, Texas (Bushnell)
160. Bill Klunk, Pennsylvania (Reconyx) 161. Rachel Fanelli, Wyoming (Browning) 162. Rickey Martin, Mississippi (Bushnell)
163. Susan Lapham, California (Bushnell) 164. Todd Schumacher, Wisconsin (Bushnell) 165. William Cook, Kansas (Boly)
166. Michael Golla, Pennsylvania (HCO) 167. Matt Lembo, New York (Browning) 168. Lisa Gatens, North Carolina (Reconyx)
169. Rex Goodrich, Colorado (Browning) 170. Roland Kays, North Carolina (Reconyx) 171. Bynum Jackson, Nevada (Spypoint)
172. Faerie Sledge, Louisiana (Bushnell) 173. Jesse Lerch, California (Bushnell) 174. Jim Wysocki (Browning)
175. Ken Denholm, British Columbia (Bushnell) 176. Tom Marchant, Virginia (Browning) 177. John Ruffley, New Jersey (Browning)
178. Katharina Pierini, California (Reconyx) 179. James Studinger, Michigan (Reconyx) 180. Ginny Buschke, Wisconsin (Browning)
181. Doug Thompson, Minnesota (Bushnell) 182. Dana Amos, Ohio (Moultrie) 183. Carl Sharpe, North Carolina (Reconyx)
184. Brian Zappala, Maine (Bushnell) 185. Alison VanVorst, North Carolina (Reconyx) 186. Alexandra Mash, North Carolina (Reconyx)
187. Shaun Sullivan, Michigan (Moultrie) 188. Tom O'Brien, New York (Bushnell) 189. Lori Erickson, Oregon (Browning)
190. Garth Christensen, Washington (Bushnell) 191. Gayle Wilson, Illinois (Wildgame) 192. Gerald Rust, Arizona (Moultrie)
193. Isaac Boone, Kansas (Covert) 194. Jan Christenen, Washington (Reconyx) 195. Jennifer Blank, Pennsylvania (Wildgame)
196. Doug Boggs, Ohio (Browning) 197. Clay foster, Arkansas (Moultrie) 198. Bill Erickson, Oregon (Moultrie)
199. William Erickson, Oregon (Browning) 200. Sam Stoneham, Idaho (Browning) 201. Rick Bush, Arizona (Moultrie)
202. Julie Richburg, Massachusetts (Stealth Cam) 203. Craig White (Browning) 204. Dan Churchill, British Columbia (HCO)
205. Daniel Anthony Sr., New York (Covert) 206. Jason Stewart, Oregon (Moultrie) 207. Cory Heinrich, Oregon (Moultrie)
208. Mark Jordan, Washington 209. Stephen Guidry, Missouri (Reconyx) 210. Chad Brandt, Michigan (Browning)
211. Paul Kolb, Wisconsin

2017 International Camera Trap Pictures

2017 International Category Winner

 Bill Pincus, North CarolinaNishant Srinivasaiah, India

1. Ralazampirenena Claude Jacquot, Madagascar (Cuddeback) 2. Colin Roberts, Scotland (Bushnell) 3. Gabriel Massocato, Brazil (Reconyx)
4. Alexander Sliwa, South Africa (Reconyx) 5. Marco DeLuca, Italy 6. Nomenjanahary Sylvia, Madagascar (Reconyx)
7. Rich Covington, Costa Rica (Browning) 8. Richard Balsamo, Thailand (Reconyx) 9. Kjell Sarre, Norway
10. Bruno Brack, Paraguay (Browning) 11. Malcolm Douglas, New Zealand (Browning) 12. Michael Lawrie, Australia (Browning)
13. Dan Dair, China (HCO) 14. Andrea Galizzi, Italy (Homebrew) 15. Alessio Caccia, Switzerland (Covert)
16. Nopparon Ngamsuriyarote, Thailand (HCO Scoutguard) 17. Naruemon Tantipisanuh, Thailand (HCO Scoutguard) 18. Churit Kangwanpoom, Thailand (HCO Scoutguard)
19. Giridhar Malla, India (Cuddeback) 20. Craig Single, New Zealand (Bushnell) 21. Massimo DeLuca, Italy
22. Frank Fleming, Costa Rica (HCO Scoutguard) 23. Stephanie Schuttler, Kenya (Reconyx) 24. Oscar Corral, Mexico (Eyecon)
25. Leah Findlay, South Africa (Reconyx) 26. Marcos Mallo, Spain (Browning) 27. Camille Fritsch, South Africa (Moultrie)
28. Antonella Beltrametti, Switzerland (Bushnell) 29. Alessandro Caccia, Switzerland 30. Philip Faure, South Africa (Reconyx)
31. Nishant Srinivasaiah, India (HCO)