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2022 Winter Predator Contest

2022 Winter Photo/Video Contest - Predator Game Camera Pictures & Videos

This contest rewards those of you who brave the frigid weather to continue your pursuit of that perfect trail camera photo. 


Highlights of the Contest:

  • You can enter a picture or video (one entry per person). You can't enter a photo AND video - one or the other
  • The video or picture MUST be of a carnivorous predator.
  • Picture or video has to be time stamped from January 1st, 2022 to March 15th, 2022. Images from 2021 and earlier will not be entered.

How to Enter:

  • Send your photo or video to contest@trailcampro.com (you can send large files via Dropbox or Google Drive if they are too large to send by email). 
  • Include name, phone number, location and trail camera used.
  • You can send your entry any time from now until March 15th, 2022
  • Do not edit or alter the images. You must send the raw file. Do not splice videos together to make them longer.
  • By sending us your photo or video you agree to allow us to use your images in any way we see fit.


During the first week of April, the Trailcampro Staff will select the top video and the top photo from the contest. The winners will each receive 20,000 TCP points ($200 value)! Winning picture and video will be chosen based on quality of image and the unique animal behavior displayed. 

Examples of Carnivorous predators include cougars, foxes, tigers, lions, cheetahs, hyenas, hawks, coyotes, mountain lions, crocodiles, eagles, wolves, etc.

1. Jay Clutts, Kentucky 2. Sam Lambrecht, South Carolina
3. Cory Wills, Illinois 4. David Shipman, Missouri
5. Gregg Scurka, Massachusetts 6. Cody Walker, Missouri
7. Michelle Lee, Louisiana 8. Charles Smith, Alabama
9. Erik Pedroso, Brazil