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Master Lock Python Cable 6' - Black

Python Cable

*Python Locks for premium packages cannot be keyed alike at this time

* All python cable locks will be keyed differently until further notice.  Unfortunately, we are not able to match key codes at this time.  

Master Lock Python Cable (6 foot long)

We have been using Python locks for many years now.  We have relied on this cable lock to protect the numerous trail cameras we have in the field in order to complete our tests and reviews.  In roughly a decade of testing game cameras, we have had only one trail camera stolen.  Not surprisingly, that camera was not locked.

Are we naive enough to think that thieves couldn't cut this 5/16" braided steel cable?  Absolutely not.  A large set of bolt cutters will eventually snap this cable.  However, in those ten years, I can't imagine how many potential thieves it has deterred just by being there.

Using the Python cable is quick and simple.  The free end of the cable slides through the trail cameras built-in cable brackets (not all trail cameras have this) or through a security case.  The free end of the cable then slides through the big black and yellow locking mechanism.  Pull the cable as tight as you like, then turn the key to lock the cable in place.

We have found that a security case with a python lock (with or without a shrouded padlock) is the absolute best method for protecting your game cameras.  Walk away from your cameras each and every time knowing you have done your best to protect your investment.

Manufacturer Specifications

  • 5/16" X 6' Cut resistant, Vinyl coated braided steel cable
  • Pick resistant, reliable pin tumbler mechanism
  • Lifetime guarantee

Python cable lock being used on a tree