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Moultrie Wireless Field Modem

Moultrie Mobile Wireless Field Modem - MV1

This modem converts Moultrie game cameras to cellular cameras via www.MoultrieMobile.com. This only works for Moultrie cameras.  Here are the cameras it works with.

2015 Cameras

  • A-5 Gen2, A-7i
  • M-550 Gen2
  • M-880 Gen2, M-880i Gen2, M-990 Gen2

2016 Cameras

  • A-20 & A-20i
  • M-888, M-888i, M-999i
  • Panoramic 180i
  • Whiteflash

With the Moultrie Mobile website and smartphone mobile app, you'll be notified by text or email whenever you have new photos from your game camera.

This modem utilizes the Verizon cellular network.  You will need 3 or more bars of Verizon cellular coverage.

Data Plan Costs

Data Est. Images/Month Price/Month
Small 38 MB 750 $9.99
Medium 65 MB 1,250 $14.99
Large 125 MB 2,500  $19.99
Extra-Large 250 MB 5,000 $29.99
Professional 500 MB 10,000 $49.99


Setup Instructions

The Modem requires 8 AA batteries.  We recommend lithium batteries.

  1. Setup your Moultrie Mobile Account and activate the field modem.  You will need to select and activate a data plan.
  2. Prepare your Moultrie game camera.  Put in fresh batteries and a clean, formatted SD card.
  3. Attach the antenna to the modem.
  4. Plug the micro-USB end of the cable into your Moultrie game camera's micro USB port, ensuring the rubber gasket fits snugly.  Connect the USB cable into the Field Modem MV1.
  5. Mount Field Modem even with or above your Moultrie gamecam.
  6. With the Field Modem in its intended location, press the TEST button and observe the Status LEDs.
  7. If this is the first time being setup, it could take up to 3 minutes to connect to the server. Awake - green LED will illuminate immediately upon pressing the TEST button if Modem is awake and operational. Camera - green LED will illuminate after the Modem has received an image from the camera - this could take up to 30 seconds.  Server - green LED will illuminate after the Modem has communicated successfully with the Moultrie Server/Website.
  8. On initial power up, or when pressing the test button, after approximately 20 seconds the Level Indicator LEDs will alternate between red battery level and green signal strength every 5 seconds.

Battery Life:     40/100

Resting Power (on):  0.72 mW  |  Daytime Power Consumption:  82.1 Ws|  Nighttime Power Consumption:  80.07 Ws

The modem operates on 8 AA batteries (will require lithium batteries).  These batteries will be separate from the Moultrie game camera you have this plugged into.

If this modem took 15-day pictures and 15-night pictures every 24 hours, it would last 1.4 months on a set of lithium batteries when set on instant mode.

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