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Reconyx universal desiccants

Reconyx Universal Dessicants, 10 Pack

Reconyx Hyperfire Desiccant Pack (Quantity of 10)

   Moisture absorbing Desiccant system for all HyperFire Cameras. Recommended for use in high humidity applications.

     Pack will turn white or pink when it needs to be replaced.  Includes 10 color indicating desiccant pellets.

     Simply place the desiccants in either of the 4 corners.  The sticky pads keep the pellets in place (but can also be used without them).

     Reconyx has issued a statement that there is just not enough room inside the battery compartment to use the Zorb-It 2X2 Desiccant and that subsequent swelling in high humidity rain forest environments could possibly cause damage which would not be covered by the warranty.

     Because of this, it is imperative that you only use this Reconyx Desiccant Pack for your Reconyx cameras.