We field trail camera questions all day long on a variety of subjects.  Here are the most frequent game camera questions, answered by our Trail Camera Pro staff members.


Question #1: I don't have a ton of money to spend, are there any good trail cameras under $100?  What are the best trail cameras under 100?

"There are a ton of $100 trail cameras for sale, unfortunately, there aren't many quality cameras at that price. Cameras at that price generally have a fatal flaw, whether it be battery life or terribly dark night pictures.  That is, until now.  The GardePro T5NG has astonished us. For just $89.95 you get a camera with incredible photo & video resolution, 2 year battery life and best in class flash range.  The only downside is the trigger speed is a little slow @ .5 seconds. 

If you're looking for a faster trail camera (.18 seconds) I am currently recommending the Spypoint Force Pro ($159.95)and the Browning Strike Force Pro X 1080 ($159.95)  - Rich



 Question #3:  I think I want a cellular trail camera.  What is the best cellular camera out there?  How much work is involved with these cameras?

The most popular cellular trail camera is probably the Browning Pro Scout Max HD.  This unit is crazy fast & lasts 6 month's on a set of batteries

All current cell cameras come with their own sim card. Cellular plans cost between $5 and $20 a month and are billed directly from the trail camera manufacturer.  Most importantly, you don't have to get a model which uses the same carrier as your cell phone.  This allows you to use whatever service has the best signal where you plan to use the camera.

These cameras are awesome for security around the house, farm or business.  Just make sure you have good cell reception (a minimum of 3 bars).    You could use this camera for pretty much anything you can think up.

    - Charles

Question #4:  I'm having problems with theft on my property.  Do I need a No Glow Infrared camera, and if so, which one?

"Nothing makes us happier than seeing pictures from our customers catching thieves in action!  You definitely want a No Glow camera so the scoundrel won't see any light emitted from the camera at night.

There are so many good No Glow cameras to choose from, here are my two favorites.  The best is the Reconyx Hyperfire 2 Security.  It's smokin' fast, takes clear pictures and can be programmed to only turn on during time periods you set manually.  The only downside is the price.

If you want something a less costly, I'd recommend the Browning Spec Ops Elite HP5Whether you need pictures or videos, this camera is capable of doing both really well at a fraction of the cost of other cameras."

    - Marc



Questions #5:  I'm a Wildlife Researcher studying small mammals in a rain forest on the other side of the planet.  I need something dependable and with good battery life.

"There are a million va
riables with research projects, feel free to email us (info@trailcampro.com) for a more customized recommendation.

In infrared cameras, the Reconyx Hyperfire 2 ($399) is the best in the business.  Fast, dependable, and with exceptional battery life.  It is everything a Wildlife Researcher needs.

If the Hyperfire 2 is too much money, the Bushnell Core Dual Sensor Trail Cameras have long been the choice of researchers throughout the world.  Great night pictures, speed, reliability, and long battery life.

    - Rich

Question #6:  What accessories do I need for my new camera?

"The two basics that you need for any camera are batteries and an SD card.  I like the cost savings you get with Amptorrent Rechargeable batteries.  

Outside of the basics, you need to determine whether you need security devices to lock your camera up.  If you don't, a Slate River Stealth Game Camera Mount is perfect for every single setup.

If you have any questions on additional items just give us a call.  A trail camera pro will answer the phone Mon - Fri (8-4 Central Time)."

-  Landon