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Covert Trail Cameras

Covert cameras are known for their stunning picture quality and well-made designs. They haven't been the fastest cameras, but they have been reliable and easy to use. Their cell cameras are among our most popular for their instant photo notification and great iphone/android phone app. This app allows for setting changes, account access, and viewing photos. Cellular cameras do require a monthly data plan.

Shop our large selection of Covert scouting cameras and related accessories.  Covert game cameras are offered in many configurations including; no glow infrared, red glow IR, cellular trail cameras and white flash cameras.

Every Covert camera you purchase with us comes with a 2-year warranty and a 90-day return policy.  If you aren't happy with your Covert trail camera return it for a full refund, exchange to any number of other scouting cameras.

 Covert Scouting Camera Comparison

There are many Covert scouting cameras to choose from, so how do you pick the right model for the job at hand? Let's compare all the Covert trail cameras.

Covert has a great reputation in the cellular scouting camera market, in large part due to the Covert Code Black 12.1. This is an affordable, quality, ATT cellular scouting camera has been among our best sellers for several years. It is reliable, takes good photos, and is easy to program. The Blackhawk 12.1 is the Covert trail camera that works on the Verizon network.


If you are concerned with theft, we offer multiple Covert security cases for the different models. The best way to keep your Covert trail camera from being stolen is to keep it hidden. One way to do this is to place the camera high, in a tree, looking down.

Need help picking out a Covert trail camera?  Call us and talk to a Trailcam Expert.  Mon-Fri 8-4 CST

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