Moultrie Gamespy I60

Quick Facts

Trigger Time
Recovery Time
2.5 seconds
60 seconds

Detection Range
Detection Width
Flash Range
60 ft.
60 ft.

Battery Life
Battery Type
Memory Card
3-5 months
6 D cell
SD card

Moultrie Gamespy I60 6.0MP

Moultrie Gamespy I60 6.0MP

Moultrie Gamespy I60 6.0MP

  • Infrared flash as good as any tested - Great Range
  • Easy to program, Easy to use
  • 5 month battery life
  • Quality color day and Black & white night pictures
  • Occasional white-out in night pictures
  • SD card hard to remove

Best thing about this trail camera

  • Infrared flash
Worst thing about this trail camera
  • No factory security offered
Camera is best suited for:
All situations especially long range shots.

          The Moultrie I-series trail cameras have become the go-to camera for deer managers and wildlife census workers because of its reliability and great battery life. The I40 has a 4.0 megapixel imager and the I60 has a 6.0 megapixel imager along with a picture viewer and the addition of a barometric pressure stamp on each picture. Other than that the cameras are identical. Their infrared flash illuminates out as far as 100' and produces blur-free photos which is rare for an infrared trail camera. Programing is easy and offers several options. The I40 & I60 will detect motion consistantly out to 50' and have a trigger time of just over 2.5 seconds. While the trigger time was slower than other models tested, their detection circuity proved to be very reliable. Moultrie advertises a "multi-shot" mode for these models however, buyer's shouldn't confuse this feature with other manufacturer's burst mode feature. The difference is that Moultrie's multi-shot mode takes multiple pictures (up to 3) at 13 second intervals. Most other burst mode features take pictures every second up to as many as 9 pictures. The only issue with the I40 & I60 is what you might miss during the 13 seconds inbetween each picture in multi shot mode. Overall, buying one of these trail cameras is a no-brainer, you just have to decide if the viewer and 6.0 mpxl rating are worth paying an extra $100.00 for the I60.