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Primos X Cam Blackout Review

      2.8 Stars

Bottom Line:  For the price, this is a tough sell when there are better, less expensive no glow cameras on the market.
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Quick Facts
  • Price:
  • Trigger Time:
  • Recovery Time:
  • Detection Range:
  • Flash Range:
  • Battery Type:
  • Dimensions:

17 s
65 ft.
50 ft.
4 D cell
7.5" x 5.5" x 3"

  • True black infrared flash camera
  • Easy programming
  • Built-in viewer
  • Case design makes simple tasks easy
  • Battery life
  • Slow recovery time
  • Blurry pictures even during the day
Trailcampro Analysis

     No Glow Infrared cameras are popular for security surveillance and also nature/wildlife photography in areas with trespasser or potential theft problems.  The Primos X Cam is a no glow infrared camera trap with an excellent case design, solid trigger speed and long detection range.

     This is the covert no glow version of the Primos X Cam (red glow camera).

Detection Circuit       2.7 Stars
     A 1.4 second trigger is average, but the 17 second recovery time is well below the current industry norm. 

     A 65 ft. detection range is impressive and is among the leaders in distance, however the detection zone is only 7 feet wide at a 30 foot distance.  This is a narrow detection zone.

Picture Quality    
  2.8 Stars
     Day pictures have proper color, but nearly every photo is slightly out of focus and there is blur on ever object that is moving. 

     The camera utilizes 62 blackout led's for the night flash.  This is truly a no glow camera, invisible to the human eye at night, and the flash reaches out to a comfortable 50 ft.  As you can see in many of the sample photos, there is noticeable blurring at night as well.  Animals that are completely still, have no blur and result in an excellent night picture.

Battery Life    
  1.8 Stars
     The X Cam Blackout doesn't draw much resting current, and on the surface the day and night current draws look solid.  However, the 15 second duration of photo kills the battery life.
Resting Current Draw
Day Current Draw
Night Current Draw
Duration of Photo
0.34 ma
191 ma
225 ma
15 s

s = seconds
ma = milliamps

     The camera operates on 4 D cell batteries, which do not offer the efficiency of AA batteries.  All in all, battery life on the Primos X Cam Blackout can be expected to be under one month.

Ease of Use    
  4 Stars
     The Blackout truly shines in almost every facet of "Ease of Use."  The cameras case is made of a high quality plastic, the latches are snug and secure, there is a pre-drilled hole for a python cable lock and the ratchet strap that comes with the camera is the best on the market.  The front-loading sd card is a welcomed sight from years of using needle-nosed pliers to remove cards with.

     The programming is simple and intuitive.  The internal viewer is large enough to get a decent look at pictures taken, but the most impressive feature is the "live view" option.  This option lets you see exactly what the camera is seeing at that moment, making setting the camera up on a new camera trap station a breeze.

     Being a new camera, durability is a somewhat unknown.  We have had several warranties on the X Cam (not the blackout) and also on other Primos models. 

     It is worth noting that when the camera was first being setup for field use, the camera showed it was quite finicky to the types of SD cards being used.  A 2 gig card ended up being the only card the camera would accept.

     In conclusion, the easy programming and excellent case design are the easy highlight for the X Cam Blackout.  However, blurry daytime photos are never acceptable and the sub one month battery life is a definite negative.  For the price, this is a tough sell when there are better, less expensive
no glow cameras on the market.
X Cam Blackout Pictures