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   Reconyx RC55 Review

Reconyx RC55 game camera picture
  Quick Facts

  • Price                             $549.95
  • Trigger Time                 0.16 s
  • Recovery Time               Instant
  • Detection Range             80 ft or more
  • Detection Width              Wide
  • Flash Range                   60 ft.
  • Battery Life                    2-3 months
  • Battery Type                  6 C cell
  • Memory Card                 CF card

Pictures in Action
reconyx rc55 trail camera pictures
photos from a recony game camera
reconyx trail camera picture
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  • Phenominal 1/5th second trigger speed
  • Sensing range up to 100 ft.
  • Wide detection area
  • 1 second recovery time
  • Longer flash range than RC60
  • Takes up to 1 picture a second, every second, with no time out period
  • Highly programmable
  • Time lapse capability
  • None, other than price tag
Best thing about this camera

          No time out period, near video technology

         This is one of the best consumer grade cameras on the market.  A 0.2 second trigger speed coupled with instant recovery time is unbeatable.  This camera is programmable to take pictures of an animal as long as it is the detection area (which is huge), with NO delay.  The RC55 also comes with the option of "near video technology."  This is not the highest quality video, but it takes pictures rapidly is succession so that you can decipher the animals movement when it is in the detection area.  The only thing that sets the RC55 apart from the RC60 is that the RC55s infrared glows red at night when picture is being taken. 
          Reconyx cameras also have great security options.  Built into the camera is a password that you can set when you first set up the camera.  If someone were to steal the camera, they would need the password to operate it.  Also, Reconyx makes a security box that can protect the camera from angry bears, thieves, and etc.  A simple python cable lock secures the camera to the tree.  For a camera with as many features and options, it is surprisingly easy to setup. 
          The greatest thing about this camera is that it is perfect for any situation.  Over bait, food plots, trails, scrapes, rubs, your business or home, and especially research projects.  This camera is really without weakness, and it is hard not to be excited about.  Whether you are out to capture pictures of the mystical and elusive snow leopard (, or the local trophy buck, this camera is more than adequate to get the job done.