Cellular Trail Cameras & Wireless Security Cameras

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Wireless Security Cameras & Cellular Trail Cameras

In part 4, I want to talk about the growing field of cellular cameras, why they have become so popular, and which one is the best bang for your buck.

Cellular cameras aren't new - we have been selling and reviewing them for around 7-8 years now. However, they have evolved quickly and 2016 is the best year yet for cellular technology. Nearly every cellular trail camera we now have is easy to setup, user-friendly, and reliable.

While you may think that the majority of people use trail cameras to scout wildlife, there are a surprising number of people who use these as cellular security cameras. Instant notification is sometimes your only defense against trespassers, thieves, and vandals.

Security picture from cellular camera

Every week we have customers call and email us with their security camera success stories. While we love seeing great shots of wildlife on trail cameras, by far, the most rewarding pictures and stories we receive are from customers who were able to prosecute criminals for stealing, vandalizing, and threatening their safety.

Of course, the majority of folks are using these cameras to get pictures of wildlife sent to their phones. Luckily, many of the cellular trail cameras now have an easy app interface for that smartphone you are always carrying around! Those that don't, can still text or email you the photo directly from the cell camera.

Picture from cellular trailcam

Top Rate Cellular Trail Camera

So, which cellular camera is my favorite? That's really tough, as every company right now produces a quality cell camera. This has not always been the case.

For overall performance, my favorite cellular trail camera this year is the Bushnell Aggressor Wireless.

It is the fastest (0.29 s. trigger speed), has the longest detection range (110 ft.), works with a 6-volt Solar Panel, has two-way communication (send commands to the camera with your phone), takes excellent pictures, and is easy to setup.

Bushnell Aggressor Wireless Cell Camera

The app the Aggressor Wireless uses is great for changing settings and checking pictures. Overall, this camera is incredibly impressive and at the same, or lower, price point as other cameras - $399.95.

The downside to this camera is it needs a bit more cell strength to work, especially compared to cameras like Covert and HCO.

More 2016 Cellular Cameras

The Aggressor Wireless is not alone, though, there is a crowded field of cellular cameras that are worthy investments. Here are a few more and their highlights:

  1. Stealth Cam GXW Wireless - The only camera that can send videos and pictures.
  2. HCO Spartan Red Glow - Great night images and is our most affordable model ($379.95).
  3. Covert Blackhawk - Probably the best Verizon trail camera we have. Their app is extremely useful as well.
  4. Reconyx SC950C - $1,200 scares a lot of people away, but it will last a decade and can send multiple photos at a time. This is the ultimate security camera.

If you have questions on cell cameras or would like to try one out for yourself, give us a call - 1.800.791.0660 - or email - info@trailcampro.com

Here are a few pictures sent to us by various cellular trail cameras. Enjoy!

Deer at night on cellular trail camera

Coyote trailcam photo

Monster whitetail on Bushnell trail camera

Whitetail fawn

Covert cell camera photo

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