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One of the minor issues I see on our trail camera reviews is that we have limited bandwidth that we can upload images too. In other words, we have thousands and thousands of pictures from most of the cameras but we can realistically only upload a dozen or so to the review pages. Otherwise, the pages would take way too long to load for you.

I have been toying with the idea of uploading the majority of the pictures to a service like Flickr and linking to it from each product page. With this, you could thumb through as many photos as you like and see photo quality on a much larger scale.

The downside to this is picture theft from other websites and companies. Our photos would then be available and they could (and will) steal them. 

How big of a benefit would this be to you? Do you have a Flickr account? Comment on this blog post if you have an opinion, I really appreciate feedback on this issue.

This would take a rather large amount of time to pull off and with limited hours in the day, we want to maximize our efficiency.

Let me know what you think! Here is an example of what it would look like on our Flickr album called the 2017 Browning Strike Force Pro.

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  • I won’t upload my videos to YouTube or any free hosting site like that as doing so means that I assign rights to others to use them as they wish. I prefer to retain ownership and control, just as a matter of principle, and am willing to pay a small price to do so, so I upload my videos to my Vimeo account and set the privacy settings so that they can’t be embedded anywhere except sites I specify. Well worth $50/yr I think. I’d imagine it would cost more for a corporate account but you’d retain full control.

    Paul on
  • On March 16th I ordered the Spypoint force-10 and within hours the camera had been shipped! I received the camera, put batteries in it along with a 32GB SD-card…
    The camera has worked flawlessly since I got it on March 21st the day pictures and videos are great, much better than I had expected, the night photos and videos are great… I am a complete newbie to trail cameras and as such I placed it inside the house to take pics right outside since our front door has been damaged by neighborhood kids three times, I wrote to customer service and was told that none of the trail cameras are capable of sensing movement through glass… NO PROBLEMS there, I will place it right outside on a side window using a case and the Python lock, don’t want the camera gone!
    I ordered the case and lock and within minutes it too was on the way! Once I receive it I will install the camera in the case on some security bars we have on the side of the door, around 15 feet away.
    I have been impressed with the customer service I have received, very few companies will respond as quickly! Great job!! John Viehmann
    If I ever need another camera I will definitely shop trailcampro!

    Luis Villa on
  • I think that you generally represent the cameras fairly during your review and post enough of the good and bad pictures to reinforce your points. I do not need to see many more than you already put out and would regret seeing other companies profit from all your work.

    Craig Winsor on
  • I don’t have a Flickr account and probably wouldn’t create one to view photos. I think your reviews represent all the photo/video quality samples I need.

    John on
  • I agree picture theft on social media sites can and does happen however I think the benefits outweigh the cons as seeing the photo quality to me is very important. Twitter is my preferred platform along with many biologists/scientists in general who would probably like to see image quality before committing to purchasing cameras for field deployment.

    sue on

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