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Trailcam Annotations

by Nick Hartman March 03, 2017 1 min read


I love these! Jim sent these in and says he sends them out throughout the year. Great idea!

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March 06, 2017

Yes, night videos are maxed at 20 seconds. Using 6aa lithium batteries is your best bet. If you need more, I’d recommend using this:
The camera can work down to around 0 degrees F.
The Pro is the newest Strike Force. Has an internal viewer, faster detection, better battery life…. There is a lot. The best way to compare them is to read the 3 reviews.

Our highest rated Browning is the Strike Force Pro. So, for wildlife cameras, that is the one I’d recommend. Thanks for the comment!

Joseph Hank Condo
Joseph Hank Condo

March 04, 2017

I’m interested in the Browning strike force pro
Just wondering about the night time video recording time is it only 20sec.
And which battery would work the best of it lithium or 12v… i use 12v on all my trail cams just wondering how it works on the Browning strike force pro.
What cold temperatures can the Browning strike force pro handle..I live in eastern Qc. Canada. Gets cold in winter months.
What’s the difference between pro, extreme and platimun..
Last but not least which of the 2017 trail cams do you recommend in the Browning.

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