Moultrie Wireless Field Modem

Moultrie Field Modem

The new Moultrie Wireless Modem converts most 2015 - present Moultrie game cameras to cellular cameras. The modem is $200 and connects via a braided metal cable. 

I'm setting up one today for my personal use (both wildlife and security) at my house. This blog post is mostly my rambling thoughts on the setup process in general.

Moultrie Field Modem

The biggest advantage to having a separate modem is for users that purchased a Moultrie game camera in a previous year, but now wish they had a cellular trail camera.

The biggest disadvantage is now you have two chunks of plastic on a tree and would be easier for a would-be thief to spot.

Online setup was a breeze. Just create an account at Enter your info and select a plan. I did the large plan. Plans start at $9.99 and go up to $50, all depending on how many pictures you plan on taking. Most people will be between $10 and $20.

Here are the camera and modem in their current state. I chose to use the modem with a Moultrie M-999i. As you can see, a hot cup of coffee keeps me company.

Moultrie M999i and modem

Moultrie's portal is insanely cool. You can control your cameras settings from here, along with view pictures and change account info. It is very interactive and aesthetic. I setup the camera on a computer, but will probably use the Moultrie App from here on out. The app is probably the best cellular trailcam app I've used.

I just completed the setup and the camera sent a few test photos (of the ceiling). I'll set the camera out tonight and do another post after we have a few real pictures sent. 

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