If you haven't already, you can read the full Reconyx Microfire MR5 Review here. It is such a unique trail camera that I thought I'd give some of my thoughts here on the blog.

reconyx wifi trail camera

Anytime you are looking at buying a new trail camera, you always have to ask yourself "What am I going to use the camera for?" There are a million ways to use these cameras, but the two basic functions of cameras are security and wildlife. Here ya go...

If using the Reconyx MR5 for security...

Absolutely killer camera. There are a gazillion ways to use it in this scenario. Mount it high, overlooking a gate and simply drive under it to check the photos. We currently have one mounted above our warehouse door monitoring anyone who comes by day or night. I can check the photos/videos every morning as I walk in the office.

Mounting options are only limited to your imagination. The MR5 is small and tube-shaped, so use that to your advantage.

The MR5 is a no glow trail camera, meaning it does not have a visible glow when taking a picture or video at night, this is the only flash type we recommend for security surveillance.

Overall, for security, the MR5 is outstanding. The speed, battery life, and wifi transfer of photos give it a leg-up on traditional trail and security cameras.

If using the MR5 as a Wildlife Camera...

Not quite the slam-dunk as a wildlife camera for one simple reason - picture quality. The MR5 does not have the flash range that cameras like the Reconyx HC600 possess nor the daytime picture quality.

Reconyx MR5 Night photo

The color on the MR5 photos is somewhat dreary. If that doesn't bother you, then everything else is a plus. 

Whitetail buck with Reconyx MR5

Photo transfer distance will depend on how many objects stand between you and the camera, so keep that in mind if you aren't getting the full 100' rating that Reconyx claims.

The MR5 ended up with an 81/100 rating - which is considerably higher than I would have guessed it would have. With all the new tech in the MR5, I anticipated more trade-offs in things like speed and battery life. I was pleasantly surprised.

I'm a big fan of the MR5 and unashamedly so. I love technology, and the MR5 has plenty of it (and it is all easy to use!). More than that, I love American-made products. So the MR5 checks that off the list too.

I have no idea whether this is the right camera for you, but when used properly, I think most of you would have a blast with it. 

If you have ten minutes to kill, Brad and I did a Trailcams & Coffee video on the MR5 recently.


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