There are very few things that you really MUST HAVE in the trail camera world.  Locks, extra SD cards, security cases...  All those things make trailcams more enjoyable (and safe), but you don't NEED them. 

    However, if you have a smartphone, you NEED a reader.  This isn't a sales pitch - they are dirt cheap - this is just friendly advice.

    The wifi reader is pricey, but would work on any current or future smartphone that can hook up to wifi.  I'm seriously more pumped about this little product than I have been about anything else in years.  This is cheap, useful and easy to use.

    I just really want everyone to own one (mainly so you will Tweet, Instagram and email us trailcam pictures more often!), so I set up a coupon code so you can have free shipping:


    The boss is only letting me run it for the rest of the day today (July 18th).  So please don't put this off.  

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