Using Trail Cameras for Security

Over the years using Trail Cameras for security has become an increasingly more affordable option for all your security needs.  Using a trail camera for security can include watching a long drive, a gate on private property, a home under construction, or even watching the front door of your house.  There are many security applications you can use a trail camera for.

There are a lot of different trail cameras for security on the market.  Cellular trail cameras that will send the photo to your phone through an app.  These cellular trail cameras require you to have at least 3 bars of AT&T or Verizon service.  If you don't have this type of service where you are wanting to place the trail camera you could always go for a traditional trail camera.  These trail cameras you would pull the SD card from and view the photos on a computer. 

In this blog post, we will go over different ways you can set up your trail camera for security.  We will also go over the best practices that we have learned over the years.  Then we will cover some good options for trail cameras for security.   


Setting up a Trail Camera for Security  

    • Using a Trail Camera for security at home is a good option.  Typically when you do this you want to place the camera up higher in a tree and angled down.  If someone does spot the camera they would need a ladder to get it.  However, placing a game camera up high and angled down will reduce the detection area of the camera.  You will need to do some walk tests during setup to make sure it is going to trigger on the zones you need.

trail camera for security at home

trail camera for home security


    • If you aren't able to place it up high.  Use a trail camera security case and a python cable lock   for a trail camera to lock everything up.  
reconyx hyperfire 2 security trail camera


security case and python lock for trail cameras
    • Trail cameras are triggered by heat and motion.  Keep in mind the hotter it is outside the less likely you are to get the maximum detection range.  If you are trying to capture automobiles you shouldn't have a problem with detection distance since they put off so much heat.  
    • Trail cameras can also be used for security at the office. Mounting the cameras to a building has proved to be very effective for a lot of our customers, who like to use cameras for office security.
reconyx hyperfire 2 security


spypoint link micro for security

  • There are many different choices when choosing a trail camera or game camera for security.  If you are wanting notifications sent to your phone when something triggers the trail camera then a cellular trail camera for security would be best.  Keep in mind most cellular game cameras are going to need at least 3 bars of AT&T or Verizon service to operate properly. 
  • If you don't have cellular reception in the location you need to watch then a camera that you would pull the SD card from and check the photos would be best. 
  • Below is a list of some of our favorite game cameras or trail cameras for security.    


                   The Ridgetec Lookout 4G is our top-rated cellular trail camera.  This cellular game camera for security gets excellent battery life and takes great night photos.  The Ridgetec Lookout also comes with a dual sim modem.  This means you can choose either AT&T or Verizon and activate whichever SIM card gets the best service.  

                    The Spypoint Link Dark cellular game camera is one of the most user-friendly cellular cameras on the market.  The setup process is simple and only takes a few minutes.  The app works great too!  It has a very fast trigger speed and gets good battery life.  The night photos are not the best but you can request HD photos now.  


                     Spartan cellular trail cameras have been around for a long time.  They have a pretty user-friendly app and take some excellent photos especially during the day.  The battery life has gotten better over the years as well.  It's still not the best but they have worked on it for sure. 


The Reconyx Hyperfire 2 Cellular is new to the market.  However, we have been very impressed with our initial testing on it.  Battery life is good.  Photo quality has been decent in default send mode.  However, we have been blown away by the HD photos you receive.  The app is very user-friendly and the camera was easy to setup.  Plus it's a Reconyx so you know it is going to last many years.

Covert Cellular Cameras 

Covert Code Black 20 LTE and the Covert Blackhawk 20 LTE.  The Covert cameras have been around for some time and work great.  The day photos from the Covert cellular cameras are very good.  Checkout the Coverts below.  


Non-Cellular Cameras 

Here are some good options for non-cellular game cameras for security. If you don't have any cellular reception where you are wanting to place the camera it may be a good option to choose a non-cellular camera.



If you are looking to capture license plates at night the Reconyx License Plate camera is going to be one of the only options out there.  



 Thanks for reading.  If you are looking for our whole list of game cameras that can be used for security click here.    

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