Moultrie Game Camera Reviews

Our Moultrie trail camera reviews combine comprehensive testing, hands-on research and expert analysis from trail camera professionals.  Moultrie game cameras are known for their bright, fully-illuminated night IR photos. The M-40 and M-40i game cameras won the Flash Range Shootout this year, showcasing best-in-class night pictures. Many of the Moultrie trail cameras showed improvement to detection range in our annual Detection Shootout.

Moultrie game cameras have undergone a redesign for 2017, slimming down their cameras, resulting in much easier to conceal models. In addition, users familiar with programming functions on older models will have to learn the new menus offered on current Moultrie game cameras.  Please find our in-depth insight on each of our Moultrie trail cameras below.

2017 Moultrie M-40i

Rated by TCP Experts: 81/100

2017 Moultrie M-40i Customer Reviews

TCP Rating: 81/100 - The 17' Moultrie M40i is a top Moultrie game camera this year. The 0.29 s. trigger speed is extremely fast and the M-40i game camera has 9-month battery life.

From $159.95

Moultrie S-50i

TCP Rating: 80/100 - The S-50i excels in many areas (picture/video quality, detection speed, setup) but has a flaw that is hard to overlook... You will end up spending a lot of money on batteries....


2017 Moultrie M-40

Rated by TCP Experts: 79/100

2017 Moultrie M-40 Customer Reviews

TCP Rating: 79/100 - The 17' Moultrie M40 is a top Moultrie game camera this year. The 0.29 s. trigger speed is extremely fast and the M-40 game camera has 7.7-month battery life.

From $149.95

2017 Moultrie A-30i

Rated by TCP Experts: 74/100

2017 Moultrie A-30i Customer Reviews

TCP Rating: 74/100 - Looking for a game camera under $100? We think this is the best we have seen. It certainly isn't perfect, but the A-30i has everything you'd need for a simple, capable...

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2017 Moultrie A-30

Rated by TCP Experts: 74/100

2017 Moultrie A-30 Customer Reviews

TCP Rating: 74/100 - Need a game camera under $100? It certainly isn't perfect, but the Moultrie A-30 has everything you'd need for a simple, capable, red glow trail camera. - TCP Staff


Moultrie Panoramic P180i

Rated by TCP Experts: 73/100

Moultrie Panoramic P180i Customer Reviews

TCP Rating: 73/100 - The P180i is a panoramic trail camera with 3 lenses to increase field-of-view and detection area to 180°. Picture detection is incredibly quick, but videos are very slow. Picture quality is...


Moultrie A-35 | 2-Pack

TCP Rating: 71/100 - If you need an inexpensive picture taking trail camera, the Moultrie A-35 fits the bill. This is a very poor video game camera, but if used to only take pictures, this...


Moultrie White Flash

Rated by TCP Experts: 70/100

Moultrie White Flash Customer Reviews

TCP Rating: 70/100 - This incandescent flash trail camera takes excellent pictures. The biggest downside is the below average, 3-month battery life.


 Moultrie Trail Camera Reviews

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