Reconyx Game Camera Reviews

Our Reconyx trail camera reviews combine comprehensive testing, hands-on research and expert analysis from trail camera professionals. Reconyx game cameras are known for their long-term durability, speed, and effectiveness.  Since its introduction, the Reconyx trail camera has stood as the gold standard in the industry.  Although expensive, Reconyx trail cameras routinely outlast and outperform their competitors.  With an incredibly small warranty rate, it's not unreasonable to expect a Reconyx game camera to operate in the field years past its warranty expiration.

Reconyx Hyperfire 2

Rated by TCP Experts: 87/100

Reconyx Hyperfire 2 Customer Reviews

TCP Rating: 87/100 - The Hyperfire 2 is an excellent picture taking low glow IR trail camera. It combines speed, with incredible battery life, and best in class night pictures. The video quality will disappoint...


Reconyx XS8

TCP Rating: 85/100 - The Ultrafire XS8 is a brand new video security trail camera from Reconyx. The XS8 features "dynamic video," which records video as long as there is motion in front of the...

From $699.95

Reconyx UltraFire XR6

Rated by TCP Experts: 85/100

Reconyx UltraFire XR6 Customer Reviews

TCP Rating: 85/100 - Initially, this camera jumps off the page from its price and slow trigger speeds. However, it will win you over if you like videos. The processor in this camera takes unbelievable...

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Reconyx UltraFire WR6 - White Flash

Rated by TCP Experts: 85/100

Reconyx UltraFire WR6 - White Flash Customer Reviews

TCP Rating: 85/100 - This white LED game camera is known for one thing, unbelievable video quality. Plus, the night video remains in color. This camera is slow, though, so don't be in a rush....

From $599.95

Reconyx Hyperfire HC550

Rated by TCP Experts: 82/100

Reconyx Hyperfire HC550 Customer Reviews

TCP Rating: 82/100 - By far the most expensive white LED camera on the market, the HC550 delivers on battery life, detection circuit, and durability. Night pictures aren't worth the price tag, though.

From $449.95
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Reconyx SC950C Cellular

Rated by TCP Experts: 77/100

Reconyx SC950C Cellular Customer Reviews

TCP Rating: 77/100 - Super fast with infinite programming options, the SC950C is top of the line. It does use a lot of batteries, though and this 3G Reconyx SC950c does not have 2 way...


Reconyx Microfire MS8

Rated by TCP Experts: 77/100

Reconyx Microfire MS8 Customer Reviews

TCP Rating: 77/100 - The Reconyx MS8 connects to your wifi router wirelessly to email you photos. There is no monthly charge for this service. This is great for security surveillance.


Reconyx Microfire MR5

Rated by TCP Experts: 76/100

Reconyx Microfire MR5 Customer Reviews

TCP Rating: 76/100 - This is a wireless trail camera that connects to the Reconyx App on your phone in order to change settings and/or download pictures and videos via wifi.


Reconyx Microfire MS7 (License Plates)

TCP Rating: 83/100 - This camera is designed to strictly catch license plates (day or night), so judging it like a normal camera would be unfair. Still, the camera is easy to setup, gets good...