2018 Trail Camera Reviews

Trail cameras are offered in a seemingly endless number of configurations. Some trail cameras take pictures, some shoot videos, some are capable of doing both and some are even capable of doing both at the same time. Flash options include incandescent, white led, red glow infrared, low glow infrared and the completely invisible no glow infrared. There are both standard and wireless trail cameras. Wireless trail cameras can additionally be segmented into wifi trail cameras and cellular trail cameras.

Browning Defender 850

Rated by TCP Experts: 79/100

Browning Defender 850 Customer Reviews

TCP Rating: 79/100 - The Browning Defender 850 in super fast, takes great pictures, records top-notch videos, and can transmit images to a phone. However, the biggest limiting factor of the Defender 850 is the...

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Browning Defender 940

TCP Rating: 78/100 - The Browning Defender 940 is super fast, takes great pictures, records top-notch videos, and can transmit images to a phone. However, the biggest limiting factor of the Defender 940 is the...


Reconyx Microfire MS8

Rated by TCP Experts: 77/100

Reconyx Microfire MS8 Customer Reviews

TCP Rating: 77/100 - The Reconyx MS8 connects to your wifi router wirelessly to email you photos. There is no monthly charge for this service. This is great for security surveillance.


Reconyx Microfire MR5

Rated by TCP Experts: 76/100

Reconyx Microfire MR5 Customer Reviews

TCP Rating: 76/100 - This is a wireless trail camera that connects to the Reconyx App on your phone in order to change settings and/or download pictures and videos via wifi.


 2018 Game Camera Reviews

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