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Humidisorb Desiccant

Humidisorb is unlike the ordinary sugar-packet desiccants you find in leather goods, briefcases, camera and binocular cases, and so on.  Its granular structure absorbs at least 10 times more moisture from the air inside any enclosure containing your prized possessions and valuables. Additionally, it stabilizes the ambient relative humidity to a near constant level over the long-term. It does not need to be replaced or artificially regenerated

Installation ofHumidisorb is easy and mostly intuitive. Whenever possible and practical,Humidisorb should be installed in the upper one-third of an enclosure, case, or cabinet. Moist air is lighter than dry air and collects in the upper portion of a case or enclosure. During evening hours or a cooling cycle, the enclosure radiates heat from the top of the enclosure. Cooling occurs there first and allows the possibility of condensation.

Once exposed to ambient air,Humidisorb andHumidisorb Ci™ packets will alternate between feeling putty-like or brittle to the touch. The packet will feel soft and pliable (putty-like) when it is exposed to an environment containing a higher-than-average amount of relative humidity. The packet will feel hard (or brittle) when it is exposed to an environment that contains a lower-than-average amount of relative humidity. So, these alternating states are your indicationHumidisorb™ is on-the-job for you – constantly and continually!