What is Trigger Speed?

Trigger Speed is defined as the amount of time elapsed from when a trail camera first detects motion until the camera captures a picture of what created the motion.  For example, when an animal walks into the detection zone of a trail camera, the camera is activated and prepares to take a picture.  The game camera then takes a picture and records it to a SD Memory Card.  The amount of time between the animal walking into the detection zone and a picture being recorded is the Trigger Speed of that particular camera trap.

So what does that mean for you?
  Well, a trail camera with a slow trigger speed won't work well on a game trail.  By the time a picture is taken the animal may be completely out of the field of view!  Also, if you are using a trail camera for security purposes (i.e. trespassers - thieves) you will need a camera with a fast trigger speed to catch the thieves in action.

How the Trigger Speed Shootout Works...

Charles, our tech genius, invented a device called The Triggernator.  The Triggernator is the most accurate form of testing a trail camera's trigger speed. 

Using the Triggernator we capture 7 sample trigger times.  Of the 7 samples, we drop the slowest and fastest time. 

Each trail camera's time is posted under their respective camera.  We then average the 5 remaining times, giving you the average trigger speed. 

 Rank is based on picture trigger time.

Rank Model Picture Trigger Time Picture Recovery Time Video Trigger Time Video Recovery Time
1 Reconyx XS8 1.05 s. 3.2 s. 1.04 s. 3.6 s.