90 DAY

90-day Guarantee

You must love your new camera or return it for a full refund in the first 90 days-no questions asked.


Double the Warranty

We double the manufacturer’s 1-year warranty to 2-full years and handle all warranties in-house.

photo of a spartan ghost cam security case
spartan ghost in a security case with the antenna on
angled view of camera in the security case
no camera in the spartan ghost security case
front cover of the security case propped open for viewing

Spartan Ghost Cam Security Case

This security case works on the Spartan Ghost Cam.

This case has pre-drilled holes designed to easily slide your Python Cable Lock to secure to a tree.  If you plan on lag-bolting this case to a tree, we recommend the Master Lock Shrouded Lock to firmly secure your camera inside the security case.

There are holes drilled in the bottom of the case to drain water.  This well-built security case is made in America.

gif of placing a spartan ghost cam in a security case and placing the front of the security case on the back