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Reconyx MR5 Wireless trail camera

Reconyx MR5 Wireless Review

- This is a wireless trail camera that connects to the Reconyx App on your phone in order to change settings and/or download pictures and videos. You have to be within 40-100 ft. to connect to the phone. The MR5 takes average pictures/videos, but it is fast, battery efficient, and a ton of fun to use. - TCP Staff

Model # MR5 | MR5 Owner's Manual


  • 40-100 ft. wifi range - change settings and download pictures/videos on your phone
  • Fast picture trigger and recovery speeds.
  • Good battery life on only 6 AA batteries
  • 5-year warranty from Reconyx on this product
  • Excellent case design


  • Poor detection range
  • Requires an app to be downloaded on your phone and basic technology skills
  • Wifi connection will vary by setup
  • Only locking option requires the MR5 Security Case

Trailcampro Analysis

The Reconyx Microfire MR5 is both unique and innovative. Within 100 feet (line of sight), the MR5 can be wirelessly accessed with the Reconyx app on your smartphone. With the app, you can change settings, check the cameras aim, download pictures/videos, and erase the micro-SD card.

The MR5 does not have the typical programming screen on the inside of the camera. This is a highly-evolved trailcam that does everything from your smartphone. If you set a password on the phone, you are the only person that can access the settings. All images are stored in their full resolution to the micro-SD card inside the camera, but you can also download compressed versions of the pictures and videos as long as you are within range of the MR5's wifi (40-100 ft. line of sight).

Please note, the camera does not need to be in a wifi zone, it creates its own wifi hotspot when the user is within range. This camera can be used in both remote rural areas and urban settings.

Picture Quality:

Photo resolution: 3 mpxl

Video Resolution: 1080 x 720 w/ audio

Flash Type: Low Glow Infrared

Day pictures do not have the vivid color we have seen in other Reconyx trailcam models. However, we knew there would be a trade-off in picture quality to have the wifi technology. Clarity, depth and focus all look good from our field pictures.

Night pictures do lack flash range. The MR5 would not excel overlooking an open field, but it does really well when there are trees or other objects to bounce the low glow IR flash off of. Outside of the lack of flash range, we were very happy with night pictures.

[powr-image-slider id=f228888e_1474300246]

Video quality mimics picture quality. We used the MR5 for both wildlife and security surveillance so you will see interesting whitetail behavior in the videos and some security footage from our warehouse.

Battery Life:

Resting Power (on): 2.62 mW

Picture Daytime/Nighttime Power Consumption: 1.33 Ws | 3.54 Ws

Video Daytime/Nighttime Power Consumption: 25.03 Ws | 88.15 Ws

The Microfire MR5 is very efficient. Keep in mind, this camera is achieving the ranking while only using 6 AA batteries.

If this camera were to take 35-day pictures and 35-night pictures every 24 hour period, this camera would last 6.8 months in the field on a set of lithium batteries.

If this camera were to take 15-day and 15-night videos (10-second videos) every 24 hours, it would last 1.4 months in the field on a set of lithium batteries. This on the lower end of efficiency, but remember, the camera is only using 6 AA batteries.

Detection Circuit:

Picture Trigger & Recovery Speed: 0.10 s. / 1.6 s.

Video Trigger & Recovery Speed: 0.21 s. / 5.8 s.

Detection Range: 40 ft.

Picture trigger and recovery speeds are outstanding. This camera can catch even the fastest animal. Video trigger is extremely impressive but the video recovery time is sluggish.

Detection range has been 40 ft. This is well below average and extremely unimpressive.

Overall, this detection circuit is faster than the Reconyx Ultrafire models but does not recover in picture mode as fast as the Hyperfire trail cameras.

Quality of Design:

Dimensions: 4.75" x 4" x 3"

Battery Type: 6 AA Batteries

External Battery Jack: 12-volt

We were quite giddy to see this camera released and finally in our hands for testing. Reconyx has a history of building trail cameras (right here in the United States) with extreme precision and durability but has never developed a trailcam as progressive as the Microfire MR5.

This is the first trail camera that has successfully and consistently been able to transmit photos from camera to smartphone without the use of a cellular network. Keep in mind, this camera does NOT connect to your home/business wifi and send photos anywhere. You have to be within 50-100 feet for transmission and access to the cameras settings. This can vary depending on the area the camera is located. In thick brush, transmission will be shorter, in an open parking lot, transmission goes out to the 100 ft. rating.

Case design is unique and progressive. The MR5 has a tube shape and could be concealed inconspicuously in a number of ways. This is not without trade-offs. The tube shape could either blend in better or stick out depending on the situation. The mounting is also unique - the MR5 comes with a screw in mount (with a ball joint) that allows the camera to be pointed numerous ways.

The front of the camera screws off revealing a front and back. The battery compartment fits neatly into the back of the camera. There is a cloth pull tab to remove the battery compartment. We have found this doesn't work nearly as well as forcefully slapping the compartment against your off-hand. The batteries are very snug and tough to remove without the help of a small screwdriver or a key. All three components have specific positions they must be in to fit together properly.

Setup is done entirely with the Reconyx app on your phone. This can be found in the app store of your iPhone or on Google Play on your Android. Remember, this camera requires the app to operate - there is not an internal setup screen. Once you have the App going, search for the camera. If the camera is nearby, the app will quickly find the camera and will run you through a quick setup guide (extremely handy for first-time users). After this is over, you are ready to get the camera set to your specifications.

Setup couldn't be easier, simply select a setting and change it to your liking. Time and date automatically correlate to your phone's settings. We found all our favorite settings, including; start/stop time, PIR sensitivity and password protection. When you are ready to put the camera to work, just select "Arm Camera." This will also happen automatically after 2 minutes (as long as you don't have the codeloc on).

How to download photos and videos

Simply walk within 40-100 ft. of the camera, connect to the MR5, and select "Download Pics." You will be prompted to switch your wifi over to the camera's wifi connection. After you have done that, go back to the camera and download the pictures. These pictures and videos can easily be saved, texted, shared to social media, and passed around the office for bragging rights.

Not only is the setup incredibly easy, intuitive, and progressive; but it renders the camera useless to a potential thief. If they steal the camera and you have given the camera a Codeloc (4 digit password), they can't login to the camera, arm the camera, or change settings.

This wireless transfer of images is ideal for these scenarios:

  • Mount the camera high in a tree or structure, pointed down and check pictures just by standing nearby.
  • Place the camera in a sensitive wildlife area and access the photos without walking all the way to the camera.
  • Use the camera for security in a home or business and check photos/change settings from your phone.

Durability on Reconyx trail cameras is un-matched. These cameras are engineered and produced in Holmen, Wisconsin by some of the brightest minds in the business.

We have received a high number of returns on this camera due to the wifi not connecting far enough for customers. This is an area that could use improvements.

There are obvious trade-offs to both the unique camera shape and only using a phone to program the MR5. However, if you are proficient with a smartphone and the shape of the camera works for your scenario, we believe you will find the quality of design near-flawless.

Reconyx Microfire MR5 Conclusion:

The Microfire MR5 is the most interesting camera we've had the pleasure of reviewing. There is some serious technology in this tiny camera that opens up an entirely new market to the trailcam industry. The wireless transfer gives the MR5 a wide range of options and scenarios it could excel at. However, if you are looking for a camera to monitor a bait pile - this isn't it. It could do that, rather easily, yet the MR5's talents would be wasted in the process.

The MR5 is a serious camera for serious game camera & security camera users. Average picture quality is the trade-off for the wifi technology and tube-shaped case design. Don't buy this camera if you are looking for top-notch picture quality. However, there are a ton of wildlife and security scenarios that the MR5 is perfect for, and for those users, we give the MR5 a glowing recommendation.

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Manufacturer Specifications

  • Wifi enabled image transfer up to 100 feet.
  • Requires a Micro-SD card (we give you one for free if purchased from Trailcampro)
  • GEN2 NoGlow Covert Infrared Illumination up to 50 feet
  • 0.2 Second Trigger Speed.
  • Universal Camera Mount included.
  • 720P HD Video with Audio.
  • External Power Connection included.
  • Operating Temperature -20 to 120 Fahrenheit.
  • BuckView Mobile App included.
  • 5-year manufacturer warranty

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    Reconyx MR5 Accessories

    Here are a few of the accessories we like to use in the MR5 Wifi Camera.

    Energizer Ultimate Lithiums | 6 Pack


    - There is no downside to using lithium batteries. Long battery life, extreme durability and better night pictures. You will be happy you did.

    Micro SD Card


    - Micro SD cards store your pictures and videos for easy removal. We give you a free Micro-SD with the MR5.

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