Trailcampro Customer Testimonials


I bought your camera for my mid 80's year old father and he is having a ball with your camera.  My reason to get such a camera was that he loves to sit on a porch in the back yard.  This camera is giving him new insights regarding his backyard during the day and night.

Thank you - your camera works and he loves it.



I am enjoying my camera. I was very impressed with the service when my new Primos Proof Cam 2 would not read the sd card. I had the new camera in two days, and I shipped back the other one. I will be buying more from you folks.

Thanks, Dave


Yes we love our trail cams. We have two of the Browning Strike Force HD trail cams. They serve our needs perfectly. For a basic trail cam they take great pics!

We are very happy to have come across your company on the web. Great info and great service!


Just wanted to say I think your cameras are the best. I have 4 of them and I got some really great pics. I would some on here just not sure how. I got pics of the biggest deer ever this year and I killed him nov 13th. He is over 200 inches deer of a lifetime and wouldn't have been possible with out your guys product thank you very much.



Happy Thanksgiving! First of all I really like my Camera! And again, I appreciate your genuine concern as to how the camera is working for me. My only concern so far is that Brad said that if I bought the camera I would shoot a big buck...guaranteed. It hasn't happened yet, LOL. I also want to say that I appreciate the prompt delivery. Hopefully the warranty will never be needed but it is a good feeling to know it is there.​ I have told my friends about you guys and that they definitely need to check out your website for basically any info on most cameras and how helpful you were as to helping me decide. Thanks again




Two days after installation I caught the thieving Bas#$%ds that were stealing from my business. I had the pic forwarded to my phone and it woke me at 5:30 in the morning. I had the local PD surround the place and they caught them within 10 minutes of the photo being taken.

WOW, what an adrenaline rush that was.
The local PD says this guy had hit several businesses in the surrounding area and always wore a mask, so they didn't know who he was.

That camera has saved untold thousands of dollars in lost revenue from businesses surrounding Dothan Al., by getting this guy off the street.
And it makes me look pretty good to the local PD for the help.

Thanks for a great product

Robert K.


I want to thank you for the fast order. I received the Browning camera at 4:00pm on Tuesday that I ordered at about 10:00am Monday. Amazing!
This is my first trail camera and have already set it out on our property. Thank you Brad.

Dennis J


I received the replacement camera, Bushnell, that you sent me and I put it out in the woods yesterday to see how it’s going to work out for me. Thanks again for making this happen for me, customer service in most industries has gone to the dogs but I can honestly say that my experiences with Trailcampro.com have been top rate for sure.



Hi wanted to let you know we received our cameras really quick. Got them out in the woods to try them out, works great and sends real nice pics completely satisfied. Going out to hang them in Illinois in about a week.cant wait to sit back and see what's on the menu. Thanks for a nice product I'll hopefully be able to send you some nice pics shortly



My new browning trail camera has performed flawlessly so far and it has taken several thousand pictures. Crystal clear images and it is amazing on battery life. Still at 100% after a month with lithium batteries. I will do business with you again.



Hello trailcampro, I would like to tell you that I have 3 different makes of cameras in the woods and the Browning Micro I purchased from you is by far the best one I have. It was easy to set up, the photos are really good quality even on the mid resolution settings. The batteries are hanging in there which was one of my concerns and the trigger speed is better than I expected. All in all I'm really happy with this product...



I wanted to say thank you for your customer service. My Browning Recon Force was not working properly and it was replaced with a Browning Strike Force HD. Brad even threw in an SD card with the firmware update. I just got it. I'm like a kid with a new toy. Thanks again Trailcampro for your GREAT customer service.

Pete A.


Thank you. I bought a ScoutGuard SG550 in 2008 or 09 from you on your recommendation. I could not be any happier. I also purchased the bear box to go wth it.

This camera has taken thousands of pixs & has been watching over our cabin all of these years in all of Mother Natures elements with never one fault. It is a wonderful product! I just took it down to clean it off, change the batteries and put it back up for another 6 months of security!

Thank you!

Rex H.


Here's a 2015 Browning Spec Ops FHD video that I filmed yesterday with the camera I purchased from you guys.



On 1/29 about 2:30PM I ordered a Browning Strike Force camera and an extra SD card. On 1/31 at 11:30AM my order arrived. Less than 48 hours. Unbelievable delivery time. I spoke to Nick earlier in the day before I ordered and he took my name and number to call when the new inventory came in. He called about an hour and a half later to give me the good news (voicemail). Bottom line is I believe you have a GREAT staff and want to give them 5 stars. Probably my best online purchase ever. Smooth and fast. I can't wait to set up my camera. Please pass this on to "Nick" and the rest of the guys. Have a WONDERFUL day.

George L.


Thank you all once again for a very pleasant shopping experience. I have had nothing but good experiences with you all since I started shopping with you (I first heard about you on Midwest Whitetails). Whether it be shopping for trail cameras or camera accessories or help with a defective camera nothing but good experiences. I do wish there were more people and companies like you and yours to do business with. I refer your company to every one that I speak to about trail cams and I do not even consider anyone else when purchasing trail cams or accessories. Please keep up the great service.

Robert B.


I have been so pleased with your customer service. I have had two false alarms on my end,one with FedEx & the other with bad SD cards, and without hesitation you have sent me a new camera. Each time I have decided to just buy the new camera rather than sending it back. Thank you for your support.

Rusty S


Thanks guys for the awesome service. I've ordered twice from you now!! Love the browning cameras, nothing better for the price!!

Josh H.


I received the camera today which came with a 8 GB SD Card (I had forgotten about it, not used to it), which made me feel very pleasantly surprised. Nice touch, excellent business practice.
I tested the camera and it appears to be working fine. Will put it out in the field soon. I visited your web site a bunch of times in the last month and like it a lot. You provide lots of useful information. Keep up the good work and smart marketing. I’ll be buying from you again soon.

Mario A.


Hi Folks, Just want to compliment you all on your customer service. I've bought a bunch of cameras from you, returned some, and had cause to call some number of times, and each time your team has been really helpful, and quite amazingly prompt with everything they've promised to do, check into or send. Thank you so much; it's really rare to find good customer service anymore.

Cheers, Megan 


Trailcampro Team,

I received a call on my cell phone last night at 7:22 pm here in Arizona from a Trailcampro representative named "Rich". This was just a short time from my "very not happy" email to Trailcampro LLC regarding the tracking information from the delivery service for my trail camera I had ordered. At the conclusion of our conversation I changed my tone, and meant to communicate that if my order arrived ANY time today (3-13-14) that would be completely satisfactory.

After my conversation with Rich, I have reconsidered that decision and have decided to accept the camera no mater when it arrives. If it arrives later than today, I'll just pick up another one on my trip. I can always use another camera. It is probably no surprise to this team why I reconsidered my position, but just in case, here's the reason. I have never had a vender contact me with so much Genuine Concern for my Complete Satisfaction, EVER!

Being in retail myself, I can truly appreciate the high level of customer service I was given, and the masterful way it was delivered. The funny thing of it all was that while Rich was addressing all my concerns, I was mentally weighing the possibilities of hiring this customer satisfaction superstar. That is when it hit me, and I had to ask Rich straight out his position with the company. Well, I guess you will be keeping him around for awhile longer!

Thank you again for a fantastic and unparalleled customer experience. In the future, even if I am shopping for a toaster, I will check Trailcampro's web site first to verify if you carry that item or not. Your organization will be on the top of my "Wow Factor" conversations I have with my family and social networks. I am very glad that Trailcampro is not my competition, just a shinning example of what can be!

You are the Best, and Thank You,

Chad Pierson


I just bought my first trail cam and you guys couldn't have been more helpful. Your website and your customer service are both awesome! Just wanted to say thanks a lot.
Take care,



Dear staff at Trailcampro,

First, let me tell you as an entrepreneur in a customer service oriented profession, I have been absolutely amazed with the continued level of customer service and attention you have provided me. I tested the waters based on a referral and ordered a camera from you last summer. The experience was anything but the typical e-commerce transaction we consumers have grown accustomed to. Your service was absolutely stellar, and resulted in the sale of three more top tier cameras in less than 30 days. Each time, the personal attention was such that I felt as if I was your only customer. This is something I strive to achieve daily in my business and know first-hand how difficult it is to convey to a customer.

Upon receipt of the next three cameras, I was disappointed with the performance of one of them and contacted customer service about the camera. I was immediately offered a full refund and a return shipping label! What? Are you listening Cabela’s and Bass Pro? How about you Amazon e-merchants? Likely not.

In lieu of the refund, I opted to upgrade and ordered a second cellular camera. Not only was it shipped the same day, it was received completely programmed and ready to roll right out of the box again. A couple months later the unthinkable happened, and one of my cellular cameras stopped sending pictures. A field inspection showed that the PIR sensor would not trigger and the camera simply would not take pictures unless you literally blew on the sensor. Unable to find a phone number of the manufacturer I contacted you to see if you could point me in the right direction. What you did was send me a brand new camera minimizing down time in the middle of deer season, and a pre-paid label for the return of the defective camera. My call lasted maybe a minute. No digging for an order number, faxing a receipt, standing on one foot while juggling a dozen eggs, nothing. Just a chat with John as if he was an old friend, and problem solved.

The defective camera was well within the manufacturer’s warranty as it was only 80 days since my original purchase. You easily could have deferred to the manufacturer and left me without a camera on a property during hunting season where a 12 point buck has thus far successfully eluded me. Instead, your willingness to bear the expense and hassle of return had me back in the game only three days after I made the call.

This unexpected and continued unbelievable level of customer service before, during, and most importantly after the sale will keep me coming back for cameras, batteries, mounts, and just about anything else you may have in inventory. I will look no further, and I will continue to shout your name from the rooftops, telling everyone I know that trying to save a few bucks at the point of sale simply can’t compare to the assurance of a company like TrailCamPro behind you. Thank you for all you do, and look for many more orders from me in 2014!

Brian C.


I recently ordered my first two trail camera's ever, I found that the reviews and pictures these guys make available on the website are absolutely the most helpful in deciding what to buy. The customer service, free shipping, and warranty are no joke legit! I wish ever company in the world were as good as Trailcampro.com! Seriously, they're here to help every way they can, and as a first time customer, I'll never NEVER get a camera from anyone else. Thanks you guys, really doing a good job!

Nick B.


Thanks for the speedy delivery of the camera I ordered yesterday and for the extra SD card that was missed in a previous order. I will not buy my trail cameras from anyone else. Midwest Whitetail made me aware of your site/business. Thanks!

Drew R


Your professionalism and helpfulness has been outstanding. In today's day and age, it seems there is no customer service anymore! Tailcampro's has not forgotten about their customers and the service they should receive. It was nice to work with a business that treated you like a friend and went out of the way to provide information and any help that was requested. Nick, you have been great to work with, and I appreciate everything you have done for me. I will order all my cameras from you personally from now on. I have also been passing the word on to everyone I come in contact with to let them know about your service and business. If you have business cards or any kind of advertising product that can be sent to me to be handed out, I will gladly do that free of charge. That's how highly I think of you and this company. Again, thank you and the team for all the hard work, professionalism, and great customer service you have provided. I look forward to working with you again.

Jason V.


Thank you for your quick deliver of my new Moultrie M-880.This is the second game camera I have ordered from you an both have arrived on time. Thanks again for your GREAT SERVICE.

Frank C.


I just wanted to say how much I love your website and company. I found you guys by chance on the internet doing a Google search for trail cam reviews and you guys are top notch. I have ordered my "btc5hd" from you based on your amazing website, thorough reviews, and information on the products, and most especially because of your customer service. Also, Clyde....who can resist ordering from such a cute "Head of Operations".

Anyway, I don't often come across a company put together as well as yours is so I just thought you'd like to know how much all the work you do is appreciated by people like me. I am a field biologist in Ohio and will be using the camera for turtle nest research as well as general park wildlife monitoring programs. I can't wait to get my camera and get started. Keep up the good work!



You already have helped me! I ordered the new Browning camera Wednesday evening around 6 PM and I received it today, Saturday August 10, 2013.I didn't pay for any EXTRA shipping, but Fed-Ex delivered it to me quicker than I've ever gotten anything before with regular shipping - and guess what? The shipping was FREE! The camera works just as advertised and it didn't cost me but $119.95 - TOTAL COST! Thanks!



On-line service at its finest: I couldn’t get the same service in person at a “brick and mortar” store. The reviews were unbiased and from knowledgeable people, the selection is great, and the service and delivery are unmatched. I placed my order, received confirmation within minutes, got a shipping notice the same day and before I could even get antsy to try my new camera the package was at the door. After purchasing several trail cams from multiple stores I can guarantee I will never shop around again. This site is bookmarked for quick access the next time I update my trail cam collection and I have already recommended the site to several fellow hunters.



Just wanted to say that my experience with your company has been exceptional. I ordered the Moultrie M-990i on Monday @ noon and it was delivered to my house by noon Tuesday. Excellent service.



I just want to tell everyone what a pleasure it is to do business with Trailcampro.com. This is my second purchase of Reconyx cameras from these guys. They provide a very comprehensive review of the most current trail cameras available, and the head to head "shootout" allows buyers to have a comparative view of each. The processing and shipping of each order has been the fastest service I have experienced with online shopping, and I will happily continue to do business with Trailcampro.com. Thank you.

Christopher B.


Hello, I'm one of the owners and president of UltimateCamo, I just wanted to thank you for this web site and the great job you have done with the collection of testing data. It provides an opportunity for trail camera users to purchase what cameras offer them the best benefits for their certain situations based on your results, if its price, night pictures, range, etc, you guys have all the info. I just purchased a camera as a thank you for doing such a great job.



Just wanted to say thanks for your excellent service! I just received my first purchase from you and it won't be the last. I have already told one of my hunting buddies about you guys and he has also ordered a camera. Thanks for the great service.

Shawn S.


I also want to take a minute & Thank everyone there for a great ordering experience. I place my order on a Thursday, within minutes I had a confirmed order response from Trailcampro. Within 30 min I had a order shipped confirmation from Trailcampro. Within 2 hrs I recieved a shipment confirmation from Fedex that Trailcampro actually shipped it. Monday morning I had the package in my hands! That's so awesome! I wish all sellers would follow in your footsteps!

Thanks for everything,

Lori N.


I was looking at various types of security cameras for a "bad neighbor" situation and saw a YouTube clip about using a game camera as an alternative to expensive security camera systems. I came across your website and I must say it is the most extensive, helpful, easy to navigate site I have ever encountered!

What really sealed the deal for me was the "Trail Camera Selection Guide" wizard. All of this game technology is new to me, so using the wizard was extremely helpful in getting to the right section of cameras to choose from.

I received my Moultrie M-880 Saturday afternoon (btw, your order status and shipping/tracking status emails were spot-on!), and here I am on Sunday, testing out the camera in my den. I am blown away by the ease of use of the device, and the clarity of the still and video images is amazing. Kudos to everyone at Trailcampro.com for a job well done. I will be singing the praises of your company to any and everyone!

Rich R.


First I want to thank your company for having the best customer service that I have ever worked with!

I needed to return a camera that was not working properly and you had a new one to me in less then a week!

That has to be a record!? You guys are awesome!!!

I attached a picture for your use if you so desire of a night picture of a fox-coyote mix we think.

This was in my back yard and the picture came out great. Just wish we knew what it is?

Again, thank you for your expedient, professional, awesome service. Keep up the good work. I certainly will tell everyone about your company.

Tom T.


A few days ago, I ordered a Bushnell game camera and I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate how easy the entire transaction was. I know that people do not hesitate to write and complain and you need to get letters of praise, as well. I have already received the camera! I wish that every business took care of their customers the way you do. I will recommend your store and will be doing business with you again. Thank you very much,

Donna F.


I got a Bushnell Hd love it i got over 2300 pics in 15 days saw deer that I didn't even know was on the place. Maybe shouldn't of put the cam on 5 sec intervals my bad but I'm gonna buy at least one more from you if not two thanks, for all your help. Best money I ever spent!

Jed G.


I just bought one of your trophy cams and this was the first of the pictures i got with it. Really happy with the camera.

Eric W.


I became familiar with TrailCam Pro via one of their customer's at http://romp-roll-rockies.blogspot.com/ And I am glad that I did. I bought 2 trailcams from TrailCam Pro. These guys went far beyond great customer support when I was having some behavior problems with one of the cameras. I am truly impressed with their professional and knowledgeable staff. Thanks for all of the testing and competent product knowledge that you share with your customers. Grateful for your excellent customer support

Michael W.


Just wanted to drop you a line to let you know I love my Bushnell HD trail cam I bought from you. Your information about the camera was great and the camera was everything you said it would be. Thanks again!

T. McCauley


Love your website! Customer photo's, Photo contest, Trail cam shootout, Great stuff, you guys go the extra mile testing what you sell and sharing it all with us, keep up the great job.

I called late on Wednesday (app. 4:55 your time) talked to Nick, he took my order and said we was sorry he would not be able to ship the order any more today because the truck had already made the pick up for the day, it will be shipped tomorrow. My order was sent out the next day (Thursday) and delivered on Saturday morning. That is Great customer service!


Robert H.


WHAT A SITE!!!! You helped me by removing all the confusion and data. It was enough to keep me from buying a trail cam. Thanks to your site my order was placed just minutes ago. The mail won't get here fast enough.



Just wanted to thank you for such great customer service. I had recently had problems with a camera I ordered and you are sending me a new one on the spot instead of me having to send in my old one and wait. This just made my season! There is no doubt in my mind that I am going to one place and one place only for my trail cam needs from now on. Thanks for the awesome customer support!

Nick J.


I wanted to take a moment to sincerely thank you. I recently purchased a Bushnell Trophy Cam HD Max camera. At the time of my order, that camera was out of stock. As a result, you upgraded me to the HD Max with Viewer without charge. That was tremendously generous, and I really appreciate it!

It is so rare in today's day and age to see customer service like that. I really appreciate your commitment to your customers. You have a customer for life!

Chad T.


Guys great job. The shootout testing you do is benefiting us end users greatly. Every year the manufacturers keep producing better products because of your posted tests. Keep up the great work and thanks for that service. Cheers.

Randy K.


I just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate your quick service and all your help. Marc was a big help with all the information he gave. Thanks for everything!

Carey D.


I just wanted to thank you for your speedy service. I ordered a Bushnell Trail Camera for my husband yesterday afternoon and it was delivered by noon today! Wonderful service. If I ever need equipment like you sell, I will be sure to give you the business. Thanks again!

Eleanor M.


Finally - a good battery tester! I just received the ZTS mini tester. What a gem. It's not cheap, but it's a great tool .... and made in the US.

Larry G.


Your shipping was so fast, it caught me off guard. I had to be away from the house for several days, so when I got the e-mail confirmation from Fedex that I had a package delivered, I had to call my neighbor to run put it inside for me. Very impressive. Thank you. Now I can't wait for my trip to be over so I can get home and try out my new trail cam.


Just wanted to post a note and say "Thanks" for all of the excellent reviews on your site. I read most all of them long and careful before deciding on the Scoutguard SG565F. I would have to agree with your review, this camera is absolutely amazing for the price.

Love the compact size and the excellent quality of the night pictures. I can't wait to get to the bait pile every morning and get that SD card out to see what kind of critters have paid a visit. The neighbors are shocked by all the varmints that are running around behind their homes :)

Many thanks for the reviews and prompt delivery !!

Rick B.


I wanted to send you thanks for a great website and fantastic service. I have hunted all my life but have only recently thought to use a camera to observe some of my areas. A quick search of the internet led me to a few sites, but yours stood out because of the quantity of items you researched and the quality of your reports. I wanted something that was persistent (Day and Night) and that was weather resistant. I wanted an IR flash, and I wanted to lock the box so that it could not be stolen. The Bushnell combo I ordered was priced exactly right.

I received (same day) a notification that my order was shipped, and tracked it on my phone until it was received, which was quickly. Everything was packaged securely. I sat and read the istructions with my kids, and then we set it up that night in the backyard. The BlackHole archery target (for reference) is at 42 yards.

I added a few photos, including one that was done for fun (you cant make out the axe in my Friday the 13th photo).

Thanks for the outstanding all around service. Feel free to use my pictures or comments. I will be sharing your website with my friends and family.

Semper Fi


Thanks very much for the extreme fast delivery of my order. I received it today! Our son will be so happy when he comes home next month from Australia. I hope we'll have great luck with the Trail Camera and that it works very well. I could buy this trail camera in the Netherlands too but I prefered to buy it by your company in where I left my confidence not knowing why. Anyway thanks a thousand times and maybe till later.



I purchased a security case and Python Master Lock from you last year and yesterday it received its first test. I got a picture of a guy trespassing, then 5 minutes later he returned, covered the lens, and tried unsuccessfully to remove the camera from the tree. Unlike some people, I only have one camera, so if it gets stolen...I'm out of luck. But thanks you you guys, I will be able to continue enjoying my camera for a while longer. I have attached a cool pic I captured last month, as well as a pic of the trespasser. Thanks again.

James B.


Wow .. I want to tell you something. I put an order in for a trail camera on the 4th of Nov and it was delivered the next day. Talk about customer satisfaction, you guys Rock. We need more people like you.

David C.


I received the camera yesterday. I gave it to my young son so he can start scouting the back yard. Thank you very much for holding the contest. You’ve made a nine year old boy very happy!!!

Trevor H.


I just wanted to thank you for your customer service. I order a Bushnell Trophy cam (brown) last weekend, I received it yesterday and to my surprise the camera was upgraded with no additional cost, due to the fact you were out of the brown models. I have ordered several things from you in the past, with no complaints. I went on line and compared prices before I made this last purchase, I did find several places that had the camera for about 40 -50 bucks cheaper but, my gut feeling told me to spend the extra money and order from you. I am glad that I did, with the costumer service that you provided me, I will be a costumer for life and I will tell all of my hunting buddies what you did for me. Again, thank You.



I just received my Moultrie M-80 today. Thanks, not only for the great deal, but also some of the fastest shipping and delivery around. I'm truly impressed.



I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the fast order filling and order shipping. I ordered a Moultrie M-100 Monday afternoon, and it was on the Fed-ex truck that same afternoon. I received my shipment today (Thursday) in Arizona. I have heard many good things about your company, and now I know why. You have a customer for life. Thank you again.

Randy W


I have really enjoyed my Bushnell camera. Your customer service is superb! My sister and I bought another camera from you for my father for his birthday. He is catching some great photos with his camera as well. Thanks so much.

Kerry A.


The Bushnell Trophy Cam is a great camera, I have had it for 2 years and have not had a problem. I find your site very informative. It should be the starting point for anyone who would be in the market for a trail camera.Picture was taken with a Bushnell trophy cam purchased online from Trailcampro.

Tony M.


I have really enjoyed my camera (purchased from you guys), and also seeing the other pictures entered in your contest. You guys were so nice to work with and have such a great website, I just wish you guys sold more products.

Jeremy H.


One of the 1st pics with my Bushnell Trophy Cam. Yahoo! Love it!

Larry M.


Just a few lines to let you know how impressed I am with the Reconyx HC600 pack I recently purchased from you; I am absolutely delighted! Furthermore, I must commend you on the super fast delivery, and ease of transaction. I will certainly deal with your company again, as soon as I can afford another camera! Many, many thanks and good wishes from the Emerald Isle.

Mike C.


Just wanted to tell you how impressed I am with ordering from you guys! My order was upgraded so that I didn't have to wait. I haven't had this great of experience with an online company before this. Keep up the great work!

Lauren W.


I've ordered at least 5 cameras from you guys and the service and speed of delivery have always been excellent; I recommend you to everyone that asks where I got my cameras (1 SG550, some Bushnell Trophy Cams, some older digital Bushnells, a film camera or two). In addition your camera reviews are usually dead on with my own experiences, so I trust them over others I see.

Mark R.


"WE want to thank you so very much for the exchange of the bone collector camera for the trophy cam XLT. It is great. We will certainly direct anyone we know to your site. This has been customer service at it's very best."

Thank you

Herb W.


"I just wanted to thank you for the excellent service on my first order. Everything from the confirmation, to the packaging, to the SIM cards (a huge plus)! You have my business and anyone I talk to."

Dr. Todd


"Now that the holidays are over I want to send you a short note to THANK YOU all for the fastest mail order I have ever received. I ordered two Bushnell Trophy Cams and my order was delivered to my home the very next day and I live in Indiana. Also, You all up-graded my order because you were out of stock on the Bushnell cameras I ordered. I really appreciate you not back ordering my order since the trail cameras were Christmas gifts.
One day in early spring of 2010 I needed tech support. I contacted Trailcampro and received the answer to my stupid question (had to put in the SD card before I could read the menu) to my Bushnell Trophy Cam.

Again, a big "THANK YOU" for your helpful information, upgrading my original order, and the fastest mail order I ever received. I truly believe you all are "PROS" in what you do to satisfy a customer. I highly recommend Trailcampro to anyone wanting to purchase or wanting information about trail cameras."

Tom G.


"If you're looking to buy a game camera, look no further than the TrailcamPro website. Their website answers any questions you may have regarding the purchase of a game camera. Visit the Trailcampro Selection Guide to help you select the camera that is best for you. The Shootout and Detection Zone Test are extremely helpful as well. The description and demo of their cameras can't be matched on any other website. I particularly like the field testing done on each camera and being able to see their differences. It is great to see actual game camera photos captured in the field by individuals actually using the various cameras.

You couldn't ask for better customer service and I highly recommend Trailcampro. If you happen to call, a live person answers the phone -- no menu to wade through to actually talk to a person. They are super friendly. No other company offers full money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with your purchase. I have visited other game camera sites and TrailcamPro beats all the others Hands Down!

I now own 4 game cameras all purchased through Trailcampro, including my most recent purchase of the Reconyx HC500 which is awesome. I can't wait for this year's photo contest and am sorting through my daily photos to find my best photo entry."

Herb L.


"Thank you for your quick response. I have to say, your customer service is among the best that I have ever experienced. I have recommended you to all of my friends and family because of your thoughtful and thorough approach with your customers. Your trail camera tests and reviews are by far the best in the business. Great work! I look forward to ordering another trail camera from you soon!"

Brendan M.


"I ordered an outdoor camera from your website and received the camera within a week. I realized one of the items was missing and I sent an e-mail after hours expecting a response sometime the next day. I had a response in a little over an hour. The problem was fixed immediately and mailed out to me. Great service even after the sale. I would recommend this company for great prices and excellent customer service."

Sharon T.