Best Gift Ever

Posted by Nick Hartman on

This week, we received a delivery from long-time customers, Herb & Susan. Inside the box, is a hand-crafted wooden bear, holding our logo, standing next to a tree with a camera attached! The camera even has a Python Lock wrapped around the tree!


I can't even begin to describe how cool this is. It is made from a mix of walnut, cherry, and rough sawn pine. We were blown away and this little guy is going to be our official mascot around the office and the website! 

So, if you see little Bear hanging out on the website in various places, you will know where he comes from!

Also, he needs a name. So I'm taking nominations. You can comment below on name ideas, or email me at Shoot, if you come up with the name we use you may get a free trail camera!

trailcam bear

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  • Trigger would be a good name

    Andrew Lee on
  • He looks like a “T.C. Bear” to me!

    Calvin on
  • I say we name him Herb!

    Gregg on
  • I vote to name him after either of his creators Herb if it is a male, and Susan if it is a female.

    Gregg on

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