Year in Review | Stealth Cam Scouting Cameras

Stealth Cam came out with a number of new and updated scouting cameras in 2016. They had 3 main categories:

  • G Series - G45NG Pro, G34, GXW - Wireless
  • ZX Series - ZX36NG and ZX24
  • PX Series - PX36NG and PX22

Stealth Cam G Series

There were several winners here, the G45NG Pro and the GXW Wireless.

The Stealth G45NG camera checks all the boxes that a no glow trailcam should. It has good battery life, fast detection, easy to program, and nice pictures. Over the last several months it really carved out a nice niche in the no glow series of trail cameras. Quite literally, it does everything well.

The Stealth GXW - Wireless is the first cellular camera that can transmit either a photo or video. We used this for gate security all summer/fall/winter and it has performed extremely well. In fact, we caught and prosecuted a thief from evidence this security camera provided.

The Stealth G34 Pro just never caught on. In late fall, Stealth Cam did a firmware update that helped the battery life but by then, momentum had missed the G34.

Stealth Cam ZX Series

The ZX cameras were really good in most areas but the detection circuit just lagged behind. When you are the same price as other top trail cameras but have a slower detection circuit, it puts you behind the 8-ball.

Stealth Cam PX Series

We always have consumers looking for cheap trail cameras, but quite frankly, they just aren't worth it. The PX series scored among the worst all year. I struggled to find anything good to say about them.

 2016 Stealth Cam Trail Cameras

To me, Stealth Cam had too many models. Keep it simple, reduce the number of models and focus on the cameras that you do a really good job at (the G-series).

I really believe with even more improvements to the G45NG, G34, and GXW, Stealth Cam could be in for a great 2017.

2017 Stealth Cam Scouting Cameras

 I currently have no idea what Stealth has planned for 2017, but, the ATA Trade Show is next week, so we are excited to see the new 2017 Stealth Cameras.

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I think the G45NG is one of the best trail cameras from 2016. Outstanding camera in every way since they did the battery update. I do think Stealth missed by a large margin on their super cheap trailcams, but up until this point, every manufacturer has. Hard to put any level of quality in a game camera that costs $79, ya know?

Their cell camera is really good and with some refinement could end up near the top of the pile. Thanks for the comment!



Why does one company make some really good cameras, and some that you can’t find anything nice to say about?

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