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Browning Strike Force Elite Update

by Nick Hartman October 06, 2016 2 min read

Over the next week or so I'm going to do a blog post on some of my favorite trail cameras and why. First up...

2016 Browning Strike Force Elite Trail Camera

2016 Strike Force Elite - Browning

The Browning Strike Force Elite continues to be one of the most popular game cameras of 2016.  


The Strike Force Elite isn't the fastest, it doesn't take the best trail camera photo we've ever seen, and it has good battery life but certainly not the best. Why does it continue to be one of our top selling trail cameras?

Simply put, you know exactly what you are getting from the Strike Force Elite. It isn't the best at anything, yet it is really good in every category. Finding a weakness in the BTC-5HDE is hard! The worst thing you can say about it is the max nighttime video length is 20 seconds.  

Trigger speed, picture quality, battery life, and case design are all extremely important to us. However, the most crucial factor in becoming a best selling trail camera is trust. How trustworthy is your game camera when the animal of a lifetime walks by? Are you confident you'll receive a picture (hopefully more than one)?

We love the Strike Force because we can confidently ship them out to our customers knowing they will be exceedingly happy with the results.  Case in point, just this week I received half a dozen emails from folks wanting to share their Browning Strike Force Elite pictures.

Here are just a few from George in Iowa...

Browning Strike Force Elite game camera picture

Night IR picture from Browning trailcam

Whitetail walking in front of Browning camera

Strike Force Elite picture quality

If you haven't tried the Strike Force Elite yet, you should heavily consider it next time you need a red glow infrared trail camera. If you need a no glow camera - the Browning Dark Ops Elite is the Strike Force's invisible sister model.

Come back tomorrow to find out which game camera was the biggest surprise of my career...

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