It's not often I get surprised when new trail cameras come into the Trailcampro office for testing. We've seen everything and nothing surprises us anymore. That changed earlier this year when the Spypoint Force 11D came to town...

2016 Spypoint Force 11D Trail Camera

spypoint force 11d on a tree

Nothing about the outside of this trail camera surprised us, it was what was hiding under the hood that blew us away.

  • 0.05-second picture trigger speed
  • 0.50-second picture recovery time
  • 11-month battery life while only using 6 batteries

These numbers are ahead of their time and scorched the competition. This is both the fastest picture and video trail camera we've ever tested.

On top of that, the camera takes excellent daytime photos, has an internal viewer, and has a great user interface for programming.

The Force 11D isn't perfect, though. The night pictures show a decent amount of blur and lack top-notch flash range.

Overall, for $150 you can't ask for much more.  The value in the Force 11D is out of this world.

turkeys on spypoint 11d

bear walking in front of spypoint trail camera

Coyote on a game camera

IR trailcam picture from Spypoint

If 11-month battery life doesn't impress you, check out the Spypoint Solar.  With lithium batteries and a little bit of sunlight, you could legitimately not need new batteries for over 2 years. Same exact camera as the 11D, just has a built-in solar panel that doesn't need direct light.


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