Stop Using Alkaline Batteries in Trail Cameras

Forgive me, I'm about to go on a rant.

I hate alkaline batteries. They make my skin crawl. If I see one around the office, I immediately throw it away. Have you gone a few weeks without a headache? Put an alkaline battery in a trail camera - it will solve that!

I know many of you use alkalines in your trailcams, maybe even some of you haven't had issues with it. Just wait, it will happen with constant alkaline battery use.

We deal with 100's if not a 1,000's of trail camera warranties every year. 50% of the problems are caused by inadequate power supply. Which simply means, you put "brand new" alkaline batteries in the camera and one of the batteries was dead right out of the package and now the camera doesn't work.

Alkaline batteries are unreliable (even when new), don't work well in hot temps, don't work well in cold temps, don't supply high-end or cellular cameras with adequate power, don't work well in video mode, and subsequently put out less power with every picture it takes.

If you enjoy a clear mind and hate headaches.... Use Lithium batteries!

Heck yeah, they're expensive. Hurts when you hit the "buy button." I get it, I understand why you would be hesitant. However, if you switch to lithium batteries, I guarantee you will never buy alkalines again.

Lithium batteries  work well in hot weather, work well in cold weather, work perfectly in low-end cameras, high-end cameras, cellular trail cameras, work well in video mode, and keep the same power output from the first to the last picture it takes.

lithium batteries for trail cameras


I have two main missions in my trail camera career.

  1. Eradicate all alkaline batteries from the trailcam world.
  2. Stop the megapixel marketing gimmick.

I need you to spread the word and help me end this crisis. Friends don't let friends put alkaline batteries in trail cameras.

Sorry for the rant, I promise next blog post will be more positive! :)

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