Best Game Cameras for Video

With our 2016 Video Contest in full swing (ends November 1st if you haven't entered), I thought it a good time to talk about the best video trail cameras out there right now.

First and foremost, a good game camera with video must have high-resolution video. Without that, it shouldn't be mentioned in a post like this. While most trail cameras produce video, and good video, to be considered high-resolution, the camera needs to record in 1920 x 1080 (with audio).

Here are my 3 favorite video game cameras.

1. Reconyx Ultrafire XR6

For any video lover, this is a no-brainer. I can sit and watch XR6 videos all day long. Here is our current XR6 playlist, which at the moment contains 37 various videos.

This video quality from the XR6 is unmatched. Crystal clear, great color and incredible depth to each video. This camera is flawless, from a pure video perspective.

The XR6 has unmatched durability as it is made in the USA.


2. Browning Recon Force Platinum

The Recon Force is a clear-cut #2 choice. Great videos, good detection speed - just a great video trailcam.

The Recon Force has everything you want from a budget-friendly video camera. With that in mind, it won't have the long-term use that an American-made trail camera will.

The good news is it is still covered under our 2-year warranty - so you know it will be fully operational during that time period (we guarantee it).


3. Bushnell Aggressor

Of my 3 favorite video cameras I'm listing, the Aggressor is the best of the bunch if you plan on using the gamecam for pictures and videos. The other two aren't nearly fast enough for normal picture taking, they are video-specific cameras.

The Aggressor takes high-resolution videos, with quality that isn't as high as the XR6 & Recon Force, but not far behind either. It is more versatile though, as it is super fast in picture mode. In video mode, not so much...  

As a video trail camera, it is not in the same league as the first two cameras, but as a versatile, all-around picture and video trail camera - it does a stand-up job.


Want to check out all the videos from our current video contest? Click play on the video below, and it will automatically play every video. Our customers have taken some great videos this year with some of the best video recording trail cameras!


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The Spypoint Force 11D would be my 4th choice as it is super fast. The video quality is pretty good during the day but the night videos have average flash range.



What’s a substitute for the Recon Force Platinum, for people who hear a painful high pitched frequency with all its videos? You could list a red glow and a no glow alternative.

So reguarding the 3 cameras listed…
1. Bushnell Agressor (red glow)
→ video triggers are just too slow.
2. Reconyx is great.
→We have had the XS8 (no glow) for a few weeks
and like the video and audio on it a lot. So far we
have videos, from our backyard-woods border, of
several deer, a housecat, racoons, a fox, a bobcat
(twice), and (we think) a mink.
3. Browning Recon Force Platinum (red glow)
→video “pictures” you show, but the audio is just
painful…not to me, because I have a high frequency
hearing loss…but those with good hearing can’t
watch the Recon Platinum videos with the sound
turned on, which kind of cancels out the camera’s

So really, there are only 2 choices listed which are useable.

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