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Of all the trail camera companies, without question, Spypoint cameras made the biggest improvement in 2016.

Let's give context to this. In the past, Spypoint cameras were slow, clunky, and unreliable. They generally had too many models and an abundance of problems.

That changed in 2016.

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Spypoint Trail Cameras in 2016

I've talked about this on the blog several times, but when the Spypoint Force 11D and Spypoint Solar hit our offices this summer, we were blown away. 

Those two cameras were so fast (0.05-second trigger speed, 0.5-second recovery time) we had to recalculate our scoring system. Battery consumption was incredibly frugal, and the Solar has a built-in solar panel that puts battery life at unreal numbers. Most impressively, the solar panel actually works and isn't a gimmick.

spypoint solar

 Spypoint trail cameras literally went from worst to first in several categories. Reliability has been solid and customer satisfaction has been impressive.

Our biggest complaint on the 2016 Spypoint game cameras were the blurry night pictures. If nighttime picture quality improves, nothing could hold these trailcams back.

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Spypoint Force 10

The Spypoint Force 10 was our go-to camera for the consumer who needed a trailcam at the lowest price possible. It isn't perfect, but it is fast and efficient and takes above average photos. What else can you ask for in a game camera that costs $109?

spypoint force 10 game cam picture

Outdoor Life actually rated in a "Great Buy" when they came by our offices this summer for our Detection Shootout.

Spypoint Cellular Cameras

On the flip side, we had problems with Spypoint's cellular cameras gaining reception on our properties. Without tremendous cell service, they just weren't operation in areas other cameras worked. 

Spypoint Trail Cameras in 2017

We have been told that Spypoint is putting an emphasis on better night pictures in 2017 while keeping most other features status quo. Smart move.

I really like how Spypoint has thinned down their product offerings. Many times, companies that produce a large variety of models are stretched too thin. In other words, they are offering quantity in products but not quality - resulting in poor ratings from us.

Without giving too much away, I'd expect much-needed improvements to their cell cameras.

I've been writing trail camera reviews for ten years or so now, and if gut feelings count for anything, I'd expect Spypoint to have some of the best trail cameras around in 2017. Here's to hoping results match expectations!


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I bought a Spypoint Force 11. The pictures can be grainy or blurry, but the battery life seems great and the trigger is FAST. I plan on purchasing a Spypoint Solar soon!

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